What To Wear Golfing For The First Time: Beginners Guide

Golf is an activity that all can get involved in no matter your age, gender or skill level. Not only is it great for improving fitness but it is great fun too. Whether you want to play with a group of friends professionally or for fun with family, the golf course will be there to meet your needs.

What To Wear Golfing For The First Time Beginners Guide

When it comes to golfing, the one thing which people forget to think about is the clothing which should be worn. Just like with any sport, what you should wear is important. In this article, we will be guiding you through what should be worn on the golf course.

The Importance Of Golfing Attire

What you wear on the golf course is very important. It is about much more than looking stylish but can actually improve a golfer’s performance by what they choose to wear.


It is very important to wear clothing which is comfortable. When playing golf, plenty of walking is involved as well as the pulling of your golf cart.

Because of this, you want to be able to move comfortably, wear comfortable footwear which won’t create blisters on your feet, and wear a top which will not restrict you.


Often, you will see many people wearing hats but this is not only for style or sponsorship reasons. Golfers will wear hats as a way to protect their skin and eyes from the sun. having to stand outside with the sun glaring down at you can easily cause damage.

Just like how we would protect ourselves when lying on the beach or wandering a park on a hot day, that protection needs to be present on the golf course too.


Many of us know about golf clubs and the most we see of them is the members wearing their classy yet comfortable attire. To join a golf club, you need to abide by their dress code.

Typically, you will find members dressed sensibly, stylish yet comfortable enough to play a game of golf. This is important as it shows respect to the culture of golfing, something which a beginner should acknowledge.

What To Wear When Golfing

It is important to wear the correct attire when playing golf and this is something which those new to playing the game should realize. Below, we will list the various clothing items required when playing golf and why each item is important to the game.


When it comes to the shirts golfers wear, it is important for them to be comfortable yet still hold the signature style. This shirt needs to come with a collar, like one seen in a polo shirt, and should preferably be tucked into the pants. 

Whether you decide to wear this shirt with short sleeves or long sleeves is entirely up to the individual, but typically you will find weather playing a big part. Furthermore, the material of the shirt matters plenty too. 

The material has to be of good quality, typically cotton. Not only is this good for representation but it also helps to keep the golfer cool. As a beginner, you will be surprised by how warm and tired you can get.

You want to be able to regulate your temperature and the best way to achieve this is through the shirt you wear.


When on the golf course, you have two options – shorts or pants. For the majority of places, shorts are acceptable to wear so long as they are appropriate.

For example, a golfer would not be able to wear shorts with drawstrings or that are elasticated as these do not match the standards asked for. 

Better shorts would be shorts with belt loops, plain and good quality. Make sure that these shorts are long enough to reach just above the knee.

As for the pants allowed, these too need to be appropriate. For a beginner, it may take you a while to find the best pants for you. Even if you think they are suitable, you may find that they restrict you when you are playing or are not good at regulating your temperature.

Find pants which are not too tight, allow plenty of room to work around and are of a softer material.

What About Women?

What About Women?

When it comes to women, you will generally find them wearing either a skirt or a skort (skirt/short). Alternatively, women can also opt to wear a golf dress. All of these too need to be of a sensible length, not only for the rules of the game but for the women’s comfort.

Nowadays, women are also welcome to wear golf trousers on the course. 


Wearing a hat is highly advised when playing golf and is something that not all new golfers tend to think about when preparing their clothing gear. The weather is unpredictable no matter where you are. Sometimes it can be pouring down with rain, other times it can be hot.

Wearing a hat will benefit you no matter what the weather is, protecting the skin and eyes from the hot sun and protecting the face and hair from wet storms. We suggest wearing either a cap or a sunhat. It is better not to choose an option such as a beanie as this takes away from the dress code.


You cannot just wear any shoes when playing golf. It is required that a golfer wears spikeless tennis shoes. By having these shoes, not only will you be in line with the dress code but it will help your performance massively.

These shoes hold just enough grip to provide golfers with a firm grip on the grass, beneficial for when they play and when they are having to walk. Professionals choose to wear steel spike shoes but this is not appropriate for a beginner. In fact, they are banned by most golf courses.


Although not mandatory, golf gloves are highly recommended especially to new golfers. If you are right handed then the glove should be worn on the left hand (this same rule applies the opposite way).

What a golf glove does is help a golfer to grip the glove effectively as well as protect the hand from any damage such as blisters or calluses. As a beginner, this is a great piece of gear to add to your golfing collection. It will make playing much easier as well as protecting your hands.


When it comes to what socks a golfer wears, this again is completely up to the individual. Preferably, it is good for someone playing golf to wear plain white socks, a decent height for your shoes.

Make sure these are good quality socks as you will be on your feet for a number of hours, both hitting and chasing balls. However, with socks there is no need to be too strict on uniform.


To stay presentable, it is worth investing in a belt. The worst thing that can happen is for you to be constantly picking up your pants or not feel comfortable and secure.

Although probably a given to most, it is worth adding it to the list. A belt also helps when tucking your shirt in as it will be sure to stay in place.

Is There Anything That Should Be Avoided?

As well as highlighting the things which should be worn as a golfer, it is just as important to take note of what shouldn’t be worn on the golf course. In golf, attire is everything. Golfers strive to be smart and comfortable, and to achieve that it is important to avoid these things.


One thing that should be avoided is sneakers. When playing golf, you need to be able to have a good grip and walk well on the grass (factors such as the way the ground slopes and rain can affect this).

As well as this, sneakers are not appropriate from a stylistic point of view. As you are looking presentable from your shirt and pants/skirt/dress, you want your shoes to match too.

Three-Quarter Pants

You should not be wearing three-quarter pants as this is not in line with the golfing dress code. These kinds of pants are deemed too casual so you should instead choose pants which will reach down to your ankles.

Mixing Colors and Patterns

The clothes you wear should be appropriate, meaning you should choose more neutral tones which do not clash. Golf is a very respected sport so it is important to have the outfit to match.

But that is not to say that golfers cannot wear bright colors. You should simply choose colors which are appropriate and not too much.


Now that we have gone through the clothes which should be worn when playing golf, you may be overwhelmed with how traditional and standard the requirements are. However, this is not to say that you are not allowed to be yourself on the course. 

There are plenty of accessories out there that you can add to your attire to add a splash of personality. This is something which many golfers enjoy doing as it allows them to feel more comfortable, especially if they are new to the clothing formalities.


Sweatbands are a great accessory to have. Not only do they look great but they come in handy on hot game days. With a sweatband, you can choose whatever style or color you desire. With this accessory, you are adding your own touch to the golf uniform and will feel more like yourself.


You cannot play golf without a handy pair of sunglasses. Although this may seem basic, sunglasses are a great accessory to add some character to your look. Opt for the classic backout glasses or add a pop of color with a blue tinted pair.

What Equipment Will You Need?

Before playing your first game of golf, you need to have the correct equipment with you. Be sure to prepare this beforehand, doing your research into what equipment will be best suited for your ability and gender (men and women require different sets of equipment) and also prepare a budget.

Golf Clubs

It is usual to find beginner’s purchasing either new or used golf clubs in a set. This set includes irons, a driver, three woods, pitching or sand wedge and putter. Whilst you can purchase some of these separately, it is best for a beginner to buy a set.

Golf Bag

Another important piece of equipment is the golf bag. There are several types of golf bags you can choose from depending on what you prefer (stand bags, cart bags, tour bags, pencil bags, waterproof bags).

When it comes to purchasing a golf bag, the price ranges so you do not have to worry about spending too much as a first time golfer. However, to spend more does mean to receive better quality and additional features.

Golf Balls

You will need to be able to provide your own balls when playing golf. Luckily, this is a piece of equipment which is very affordable and which is available almost everywhere. Choose from any color you want, any size, any quality.

It is recommended that beginners choose an affordable pack of golf balls as these will last. Only when you are more experienced should you spend your money on more expensive single golf balls.

Golf Tees

Golf tees are an important piece of equipment all golfers need as it is what you place the golf ball onto. Similarly to the golf balls, golf tees are affordable and can be found anywhere. If you are new to golfing then you may not understand why golf tees are so important.

Without these, you would not be able to hit your ball high and far. These are a great way to improve your performance and a necessity when it comes to playing golf.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, playing golf can seem daunting. Everything is new and there are plenty of rules that need to be learnt. That is why we have put together our guide above helping you master golf.

Playing golf is much more than hitting a ball. It is also about community and representing the sport through the uniform we wear. 

If you are new to the sport, it is important to acknowledge the type of clothing which should be worn from shirts to shorts to pants to dresses and even shoes.

Although this dress code may be strict, golf clubs are not there to strip away your individuality. Add some personality to your clothing by adding accessories and, most importantly, have fun playing the game.

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