The Ultimate List Of Golf Outfit Ideas For Women

Golf is a sport with a strict dress code, and this can be pretty daunting to newcomers. 

On the whole though, golf attire is evolving, and it’s becoming more versatile than it was in the past. Skirts and skorts are now a little shorter than they were before, and there are far more styles and color choices to choose from. 

The Ultimate List Of Golf Outfit Ideas For Women

Golf is very much a mental game as well as a physical one, and therefore, looking your best can really help you reach your potential. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring golf outfit ideas for women, so whether you’re completely new to golf, or you’re just looking to freshen up your golfing wardrobe, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Golfing dress codes 

Golfing dress codes

Each golf club has its own rules, and the majority, if not all, have strict dress codes. Shunning these dress codes could result in you being turned away from the club. 

That said, this does depend on the type of club. The more exclusive clubs will have a stricter policy on what you can and cannot wear, for example, some clubs don’t even allow shorts! 

Municipal golf clubs tend to be more relaxed about what you can wear, and some may not have a dress code at all, so these are best for anyone on a budget or who simply prefers golfing in casual attire. 

Most female golfers will wear a polo-style shirt, turtleneck, or crew-neck tops. T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstrings, and any other similar style are generally considered inappropriate. 

In terms of bottoms, most women golfers will wear slacks, shorts, or skorts, depending on their club’s dress code. Obviously, items such as jeans, sweatpants, and athletic pants are a no-go! 

Ladies Golf Hats and Visors 

Ladies Golf Hats and Visors

Hats are a great way to accessorize your golfing outfit, but they also play a functional role by sheltering your face from the sun and reducing your risk of sunburn. 

LPGA players typically opt for an athletic baseball cap or visor that is one color. Black or white is always a good option, as these go with plenty of different outfits, but you can also select a bolder color if you want to make more of a statement. 

In terms of brands, Nike is one of the best for headwear. This white cap has their DRI-FIT, moisture-wicking fabric so it’s ideal for warm golfing days.

If you prefer a visor, this Adidas one is extremely lightweight so it provides all-day comfort, and it’s available in a great range of colors. Just bear in mind that visors leave your scalp exposed to the sun. 

You can also go for a hat with a brim if you want a more traditional look and all-around protection that covers your ears. This Coolibar hat is UPF 50+ so it blocks 98% of UV radiation, and the ultra-soft, cotton-like feel is lightweight and breathable. 

While there are plenty of cheap brands on the market, investing in a good quality hat will pay off in the long run - it’ll last longer, and will offer superior sun protection. If you opt for a neutral color, you’ll also be able to pair it with most of your golfing outfits. 

Ladies Golf tops

Ladies Golf tops

Your top is the main focus of your golfing outfit, so it deserves a bit of attention when it comes to choosing one!

Most golfing tops come in the form of a sleeveless polo and a standard polo golf shirt.

Providing your club’s dress code permits it, it’s a great idea to have a sleeveless and regular option in your wardrobe to cater to different weather conditions. 

A bright-colored polo can be a great way to incorporate a bold color into your outfit while keeping your pants and accessories neutral colored. This is a look you’ll frequently see an LPGA female golfer wear.

Generally, you should avoid patterns, but if you really want something that isn’t plain, this simple horizontal stripe polo from Nike is a good choice.

Patterns can tend to look a bit over the top otherwise. Remember, we’re going for simple, professional, but still stylish. 

In terms of brands, at the high-end, you’ll find Nike, followed by Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour, which are all great quality. 

The PGA tour brand is also super professional, and Callaway offers some budget-friendly options. 

Having a few different polos in your golfing wardrobe is important, as you’ll tire of wearing the same one again and again. 

It’s also a good idea to have a lightweight long-sleeve shirt or quarter-zip jacket for when the temperature drops. A neutral color like this Adidas one is a good option, as that way you can be sure it’ll go with most of your outfits. 

Ladies Golf Bottoms

Ladies Golf Bottoms

Like we said, most golfing attire dress codes are less strict than they used to be, so it’s not uncommon to see skirts or shorts above the knee on some courses. 

This will depend on your club though, so check the dress code beforehand. 

In terms of options, you’ll find shorts, skirts, Bermuda golf shorts (these are longer), capris, and pants on the market. 

It’s good to have a few options so you can switch your outfits up, and you’ll definitely want a pair of pants for colder weather. 

Again, neutral colors will give you more options, but you could also go for bright colors and then choose simple tops in black and white. 

If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to get two pairs of pants/golfing skirts or shorts, one in black, and one in white. This way, you’ll be able to pair them with pretty much any color top. 

This Adidas skirt is the perfect length - not too short and not too long- and is made from stretch fabric that fits closely to the skin without restricting your movement. 

These PGA tour pull-on pants come in a range of neutral colors and have a flattering fit thanks to their built-in shapewear that instantly slims. 

For a smart and traditional golfing look, these Bermuda shorts from Puma are a great choice. They come in a great range of colors, from classic black or navy to brighter hues that will look great paired with a crisp white polo. 

Ladies Golf Belts

Ladies Golf Belts


As we said earlier, some clubs may require you to tuck in your shirt, in which case you’ll need a belt to tie your outfit together. Obviously, if you’re on a more casual course where you can wear skorts or shorts, you needn’t worry about a belt, though belts can also look great with a traditional golfing skirt. 

A belt can not only help keep your look in place, but it can also act as an accessory, so if the rest of your outfit is pretty neutral-toned, you could opt for a bright-colored belt or vice versa. 

You’ll find that golfing belts are usually either web, woven, or standard. It’s a good idea to have a couple of color options, including a belt in black, white, or brown, but one in a brighter color, too. 

Nike offers a  3-in-1 belt set which offers three different colored belts with one buckle, which is great bang for your buck. Opt for white, silver, and black, or white, black, and pink. Being Nike, these are great quality, so will last you for years and you’ll have a range of color options to switch between. 

Ladies Golf Shoes

Ladies Golf Shoes

Even though golf doesn’t seem as active a sport as, say, tennis, or soccer, you’d be surprised how much of a difference comfortable golf shoes will make to your play. 

Sketchers are a great option and are definitely one of the most comfortable on the market.

Their women’s Max Golf shoe features ultra-lightweight, responsive ULTRA Flight cushioning and a Goga Max insole to deliver enhanced high-rebound cushioning, so they’re great for walking long distances on the course. They also come in an extensive range of colors. 

Golfers with a fast swing speed need shoes with good grip, such as these Adidas ones with Tech Response.

They’ve got six cleats and a rubber sole to provide you with support and traction as you swing. They also have a die-cut EVA sock liner for a plush feel, as well as a breathable, lightweight outer. 

If the course is damp, you’ll need a pair of shoes that aren’t going to make you slip and send your shots wayward. These Adidas Response Bounce shoes provide grip and balance and have a Flexible Bounce midsole for extra cushioning and support. 

Summer Golf Outfit Ideas  

Summer Golf Outfit Ideas

Summer makes dressing for the course a whole lot easier. 

Looking at the LPGA women, you’ll see combinations of different athletic polos, shorts or a skirt, caps or visors, belts, and golf shoes. 

A sleeveless polo with a skort is great in summer, or a regular polo with a pair of shorts and a belt. Bright colors team really well with white, such as a bright coral polo with white bottoms and a white visor. 

Lightweight fabric is a must, ideally one that’s moisture-wicking so it won’t stick to you and will keep you cool in warm weather. It’s also a great idea to look for summer pieces that have built-in SPF, but of course, you should still apply sunscreen to your skin regardless. 

Winter Golf Outfit Ideas

Winter Golf Outfit Ideas

What to wear on the course during the cooler months mainly depends on how cold it is in your region. It’s all about striking a balance between keeping yourself warm, while also ensuring you can swing easily.

If it’s warm enough to still wear your skirt or shorts, you can pair these with a long-sleeved polo, or opt for pants instead. 

Some professional golfers wear leggings under their shorts in the colder months, as these are close-fitting and won’t affect their swing. 

If it’s really cold where you are, you may require thick socks, hand warmers, ear warmers, and a beanie, and layers are definitely key here.

A good quality dry-fit, long-sleeve polo is a must, with a quarter-zip jacket, and, if it’s very cold, a vest could be a good investment. 

Golf Outfit Under $50

If you’re on a budget, fear not, you can still get a good golfing outfit for under $50, just bear in mind that you’ll be avoiding the premium brands and keeping it simple. 

The good news is that there’s a tonne of cheaper brands on the market, and many of these look more expensive than they are. 

Spend around $20 on a polo, $20 on a skirt, and then spend the remaining money on a visor. 

For the polo, go for a lesser-known brand, such as this one from Corna, it’s made from moisture-wicking fabric and offers built-in SPF 50+ too. 

A simple skirt like this one will do the trick, while this visor from Top Level comes in a range of colors and is even under $10. 

Golf Outfit Under $100

If you’ve got a little bit more to spend, or you’re a more experienced golfer wanting to invest in some quality pieces, you can look at brands such as Nike which offer great durability, fit, and style. 

Spend about $40 on a premium quality polo such as this one, which is made from moisture-wicking DRI FIT fabric, and around the same amount on a quality skort, such as this one from Adidas

For a hat, you can’t go wrong with a classic, white Nike cap

Things to consider when buying golf attire

Dress Code

This is hands-down the most important factor, especially if you’re a new member of a club. While some municipal clubs are much more relaxed about what you wear, private clubs can be pretty strict, so check up on their dress code before you spend $50 on that super cute skort. 


Another thing to bear in mind when you’re looking for golf attire is versatility. By this, we don’t necessarily mean having fifty different outfits to choose from, but more so having a few pieces that can be swapped around to create different looks. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to opt for mainly neutral colors: beige, gray, white, black, but with a few colored pieces. You could keep your bottoms neutral and your tops bright, or vice versa. 

Another way to ensure versatility is to avoid too many patterned pieces. One patterned top is fine, but keeping your pieces simple will provide you with more options for mixing and matching. 


While looking good is important, you need to feel good too. There’s no use wearing that super cute skirt if it restricts your movement!

Make sure the fabrics you choose have plenty of stretch in them, while still fitting close to the skin. It’s all about achieving a balance between comfort and style. 

You also want to make sure you choose moisture-wicking fabrics, like Nike’s DRI FIT range. Most athletic wear has moisture-wicking technology in it, but avoid cotton items as these are heavy and will hold sweat rather than wick it. 


Long days on the course in the sun means you run the risk of getting sunburn. Some golfing attire has built-in SPF which is a major plus and can be ideal for the warm weather when you’re wearing lighter fabrics that the sun can penetrate.

Don’t forget to always wear sunscreen though, and a hat too. 


Depending on how often you play, your golf attire is going to get a lot of wear, especially if you only have a few pieces. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in durable pieces that will last longer. This is where the big brands exceed the cheaper ones. 

With names like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, you’re probably saving money in the long run, as cheaper items will lose shape with wear and may not wash well. It’s also a good idea to ensure your accessories - such as belts and hats - are of good quality.

Even if your clothes are unbranded, you’ll be wearing your accessories every time you play, and good quality ones are likely to last a lot longer.


A great golfing outfit doesn’t have to cost the earth, and the great thing about the internet is that it provides you with a myriad of options to choose from.

If you’re just starting out in golf, you may wish to spend less at the beginning while you’re still testing the waters, and then once you’re confident you like the game, you can invest in better quality pieces. 

If you’ve been golfing for a while and play regularly, it’s always going to be wiser to invest in better quality pieces, in our opinion. You’ll get far more use out of these, and they’ll look and feel better too. 

Remember, it’s better to have a few high-quality pieces rather than a tonne of poor-quality options. 

Final Say

From skorts to sleeveless polo shirts, ladies’ golf attire is a lot more diverse than it used to be, and, while you still may need to adhere to strict dress codes, there are some great styles and pieces on the market that can easily make you stand out on the course. 

Opt for a few different styles to see you through the seasons, as well as a mixture of neutral and colored items, and, if you can, try to select pieces that are versatile and can be mixed and matched. 

Above all though, remember to wear what you feel comfortable in - if you’re not comfortable, you won’t be able to play to the best of your ability! 

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