Golf Club Size Guide: (Height Chart & Standard Lengths)

Have you been searching for a new golf club? If so, you might want to consider purchasing a larger or smaller size. The standard lengths are 7 inches (17 cm) for woods and irons and 9 inches (23 cm) for hybrids. 

Golf clubs come in various sizes, from the classic driver to the modern fairway wood. These clubs have been designed to fit certain body types and swing styles. For example, a golfer who has a long torso and short arms will benefit from a longer shaft. 

Golf Club Size Guide Featured

There are several factors that determine the size of a golf club. The most important factor is the player’s height. The average male golfer stands at around 5 feet 8 inches tall (178 cm). While the average female golfer is usually shorter. 

You can choose three kinds of clubs: woods, irons and hybrids. Woods are commonly used for long drives, while hybrids are designed to provide distance and accuracy. Irons are often used for shorter shots. 

In the following guide, we will show you how to choose the best golf club for your needs and the different sizes available on the market. 

What Size Golf Clubs Do You Need? 

When it comes to choosing new golf clubs, it is important to purchase clubs that are suitable for your height and methods, as most clubs will prove either too long or too short if you are unsure of your measurements. 

In most cases, both short and tall golfers will need clubs that make it easy for them to perform, which is something easier said than done. If you don’t select the best clubs for your needs, then you will not be able to deliver accurate results. 

One of the best ways to determine your preferred golf club size is by locating your local golf course and testing the different clubs. This will allow you to decide what club size feels the most natural and consistent with your shots. 

It is also possible to use a swing monitor, which is able to record and measure the data of your approach. You may also want to consider having your golf clubs fitted, as this will allow you to design your own clubs for your needs. 

By choosing the best golf club sizes for your game, you will be able to perform better shot connections and deliver a game that is both comfortable and consistent. If you have found the best clubs for your needs, then you should be able to make more contact with the ball and produce more force.

Golf Club Size Guide 

In the chart below, we have outlined the different golf club sizes, as well as the heights compatible with each club. 

When it comes to purchasing new golf clubs, you can determine the best size for your needs by using the wrist to floor method. By measuring from your wrist to the floor, you will be able to find the best club size that matches your preferences. 

This can be accomplished by wearing normal shoes on a flat surface with your arms by your sides. 

Golf Club Size Guide 

How To Choose Golf Club Size By Height

If you consider yourself too short or too tall, this does not mean that you won’t be able to purchase golf clubs that meet your measurements, as you can have your clubs fitted to combat this issue. 

While purchasing fitted golf clubs can be expensive, it remains a great way to ensure that you have the best clubs for your height, whether you are short or tall. It can also help to avoid future problems during games and practice. 

However, this is not the only option available to you, as Bryson Dechambeau has also released his own unique alternative. Single-length irons have changed the landscape of golf in many ways, especially in regard to golf club size. 

Since the introduction of these clubs, there has been some discussion surrounding Dechambeau and his methods, with some golfers questioning the success of single-length irons and others remaining true to their traditional approach. 

Standard Length Golf Clubs – What Are They? 

Standard length golf clubs are the clubs most commonly used by golfers of average height and wrist to floor measurement. If you take a look at our size guide, you will see that the standard length falls somewhere between 34 – 35 inches. 

What Are The Benefits of Correct Club Sizes? 

Of course, there are numerous benefits to using the correct club size, such as having a better connection with the ball and producing accurate shots. 

In both cases, these benefits will help to improve your game and golfing skills, which will result in a better handicap score.


When you use the correct club size, you will be able to perform more accurate shots, as the club will provide more contact with the ball. By using accurate measurements, you will be able to consistently hit the ball and ensure the perfect impact for a better score and overall game. 

Lie Angle 

If you want to make your swing more efficient, then you will need to match your lie angle with the club length, which will result in more comfortable and accurate shots. Not only will this help to make your swing more efficient , but it will also produce more consistent hits during the game. 

In most cases, tall golfers will prefer their lie angle to be more upright, while short golfers prefer a flatter lie angle during play. 

Handicap Score 

By using the correct club size and hitting more consistent shots, you will be able to improve your handicap score and deliver a perfect game, 

The handicap score is calculated by adding up your scores from the previous rounds, with the lowest number being the best. Therefore, better shots are more likely to deliver better scores and more accurate shots on the golf course. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, club size really does matter and can have a huge impact on your overall game and score. By using the correct club size, you will experience various benefits, such as accurate shots and notable contact with the ball.

Because of this, it is worth checking out which club size is the best for you, as this promises to deliver a better performance and improve your skills. 

By using the size chart of your local golf club, you can determine the correct size for you. However, it is also possible to use other methods that will reveal your preferred golf club size. 

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