Best Wedges for High Handicappers

Whether you’re a beginner or a high handicapper looking to improve your scoring potential, what wedges you use can have a huge impact on your game.

It can be easy to buy what the TV ads tell you will make you go from zero to Tiger Woods with just the change of a club but, if you’re using pro level wedges as a beginner or high handicapper you could actually be making it harder for you to improve.

Not knowing the importance of the right selection of wedges in your bag means you probably won’t be teeing off with the right equipment to deal with the varying demands of the course.

Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. The right wedge can rapidly improve your short game, which is one of the easiest ways to take shots of your score and improve your handicap.

However, knowing which brands to trust and which products are worth the cash can be a time-consuming turn-off. But, don’t just buy the first wedge you see, we’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to! 

Keep reading to find the best wedges for high handicappers. Plus, we’ve also included a helpful buyer’s guide that’s packed with everything you could possibly need to understand what matters when it comes to choosing your new wedge.


A very forgiving wedge is the Mizuno T20 golf wedge. Thanks to the clubface that has been upgraded with a higher start, so the ball travels further.

These wedges are great for generating huge amounts of spin and control, especially on the green by utilizing the quad cut milled grooves.

The new Hydro flow Micro grooves are vertically etched which helps channel away moisture and maintain high spin, even in wetter conditions.

The spin-weighted, tapered blade increases spin and vertical stability from off center strikes. Plus, the enhanced grain flow forging process increases grain density in the impact area for the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.

Available in an impressive nine loft options for customizable shot variations with a dynamic gold Tour issue S400 wedge shaft, golf Pride grip, 60 round grip, and either a chrome or blue ion finish.


  • Hydro flow micro grooves - vertical, laser-etched microscopic grooves help channel away moisture for maximum spin in wet conditions
  • Tapered blade - tapered blade with weight placed high increases spin and vertical stability from off-center strikes
  • Distance - higher start clubface allows the ball to travel further
  • Grain flow forged HD - increased grain density due to enhanced grain flow forging process, providing ultimate soft, solid & consistent feel
  • Features - Tour issue S400 wedge shaft, golf Pride grip, 60 round grip 


  • There’s no sole grind marker on the head which would be helpful for less experienced players


The Callaway Sure Out 2 is perfect for those who struggle with their short game or need more practice. With a shank-proof hosel transition feature, if you find it difficult to go up and down with your short game, this feature will be a huge help. 

With 17 full-face grooves, you’ll get more spin and fast-stopping shots thanks to the aggressive groove pattern. 

This club has been upgraded from the Callaway Sure Out and now has better playability from all lies thanks to the enhanced sole. The wider design refines the bounce angle which allows you to play better in rough and sandy areas. 

The Sure Out 2 also comes with added heel relief for better playability in all short game situations. So, you’ll be able to get out of the bunker with ease. 

Also included is the new Lambkin Step Down Grip which features three ‘step down’ markings to help with your shot selection quickly and effectively. Plus, it provides excellent distance control. 

Now available in four loft offerings, 56, 58, 60, and 64. Having this range of lofts will enable you to make lots of different shots. For example, using a higher loft such as the 64, your shots will be more narrow and precise. 


  • Better playability from all lies - enhanced sole for a refined bounce angle, added heel relief for better playability in all short game situations
  • Groove pattern - 17 full-face grooves allow for more spin and fast-stopping shots 
  • Lambkin Step Down Grip - new Lambkin grip design provides 3 step down markings for fast and effective shot selection & distance control
  • 4 loft offerings - available in 56, 58, 60 & 64 for range of shots
  • Better short game - shank-proof hosel transition feature & added heel relief 


  • Not as good with long distance shots as it is with short game shots


This Titleist Vokey SM7 lob wedge in the finish Tour Chrome can make a big difference to your scoring potential. The feel on these wedges is great and, combined with the excellent spin control, can have a huge impact on your game. 

If you have been struggling with your wedge game, the Vokey SM7 will certainly help with that. 

With the huge range of fittings available it’s a good idea to get fitted if you plan to purchase one of these wedges as the different grind available can make a huge difference. 

Featuring market leading groove edges, this wedge is amazing for improving your short game, especially delicate chips thanks to the maximum spin on the course. Plus, with six different grind and several loft degree options, you can completely customize your game play.  

These wedges also feature a Parallel Face Texture to deliver more reliable groove edges, plus maximum spin and tighter quality tolerances. Moreover, the Spin Milled Grooves optimize spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on all wedge shots. 

Another great feature is the progressive center of gravity based off the bounce, grind and loft of the wedge. The result, better feel and distance control! 


  • Spin Milled Grooves - to optimize spin, control, and consistency for more confident wedge shots
  • 6 grinds & several loft options - allow for total customization of game play
  • Feel - amazing feel for distance control and bettering your scoring potential
  • Parallel Face Texture - reliable groove edges & maximum spin
  • Longevity - excellent quality to help you improve your game but good enough to use for mid-range handicappers too 


  • Not designed specifically for high handicappers but can help improve scoring potential


The Cleveland CBX is a favorite with high handicappers. Its Hollow-cavity design means additional weight is distributed to the perimeter to give you as the player more forgiveness at impact. 

This wedge provides a pure feel at impact by combining a Gelback TPU Insert to reduce vibration and Cleveland’s enhanced Feel Balancing Technology to create a toe-bias center of gravity. 

Using fourth Generation Rotex Face technology, these clubs provide super aggressive face milling to deliver maximum spin and short game control - the perfect combination for a high handicapper. 

Moreover, this wedge utilizes three different sole grinds, optimized by loft, to deliver more versatility, so you can execute any shot on the course to the best of your ability. 

The combination of the Hollow-cavity back and a larger sole, the Cleveland CBX delivers high and soft spinning hits to help you get out of the bunker and improve your approach shots on the green. 

It’s designed to improve your game and can support high handicappers as well as help medium handicappers improve their game quickly - an all-around awesome wedge and a must-buy! 


  • Hollow-cavity design - more forgiveness at impacts due to extra weight distributed to the perimeter
  • Great feel - toe-bias center of gravity, Feel-Balancing technology & Gelback TPU Insert to reduce vibrations
  • Dynamic sole - 3 different sole grinds equals versatility to execute any shot on the course
  • Rotex face - fourth Generation Rotex Face technology, Tour Zip Grooves & aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control 


  • This wedge only comes with one ‘bounce’ option


Expect tour-level quality and control with the TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge. This wedge is loved by both recreational golfers with higher handicaps as well as tour players. Offering several great finishes, loft degrees and grinds including low bounce, standard bounce, and high bounce.

As high handicappers tend to appreciate, this wedge is also very forgiving, providing amazing feel and better balance. TaylorMade have done this by altering the shaft by half an inch deeper into the hosel. By removing some weight from the hosel and moving it to be more central on the head, its center of gravity is much improved.

This provides excellent control and the extra spin makes it easier to execute pitching and chipping shots - guaranteed to improve our scoring potential.

TaylorMade also incorporates CNC Machined sole geometry as well as a precise leading edge to promote a more reliable turf interaction.

The New ZTP-17 groove feature creates steeper side walls and a sharper edge radius to deliver maximum spin, another important feature for high handicappers.


  • Consistent turf interaction - CNC Machined sole geometry and a precise leading edge 
  • Very forgiving - better center of gravity due to altered shaft and lighter hosel
  • Tour-level quality & control - variety of finishes, loft options and grinds
  • Maximum spin - new ZTP-17 grooves create steeper side walls and sharper edge
  • 3 bounce options - low bounce, standard bounce & high bounce


  • No cons

Best Wedges for High Handicappers Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a new wedge to improve your scoring potential, it can be hard to know where to begin, particularly if you’re a beginner or out of practice.

If you’re currently a high handicapper, look no further because we have created this information-packed buyer’s guide to talk you through every important element of your brand new wedge.

Follow this simple guide, and you will find yourself the ultimate wedge, designed to improve your scoring potential and improve your handicap. 


A feature you will see come up a lot in the product specifications is the loft options. The loft is measured in degrees and refers to the angle on the clubface in relation to the shaft (the long tube/stick connecting the grip to the clubhead).

Most wedges will offer several loft options and, the higher the loft, the higher it will be able to lift the ball at a shorter distance than lower angles.


The bounce will often be mentioned in relation to different grinds. Basically, the bounce of a wedge is the angle between the clubface and the sole of the club.

Depending on the bounce, your shot will either be able to glide through rough or sandy patches, or prevent it from digging into the turf.

The higher the bounce, the better it will be at working in deep rough and sandy bunkers. Lower bounce angles, between around four to six degrees will work best in firm grass and bunkers with hard sand.

So, keeping the bounce in mind when purchasing will have a huge impact on your game.


The grooves are designed to produce the best possible shot trajectory, by creating more spin. They can also produce ball-stopping power when the ball lands on the green.


Forgiveness is super important when it comes to improving a beginner or a high handicappers game. 

A wedge with a good amount of forgiveness will be able to correct your mistakes to a degree. Manufacturers will alter the materials and designs used to make a club more forgiving. These can include how weight is distributed in the club.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf wedge?

A golf wedge is a type of golf club. It is different from an iron and is generally used on fuller shots. The main difference between an iron and a wedge is the loft.

Anything with a loft above 45-degrees is considered a wedge. Typically, you will use a wedge from around 140 yards away from the hole depending on your swing speed.

Wedges will come in different loft angles. The higher the loft, the higher the ball flight and ball spin.

What are the different types of golf wedge?

There are four types of wedge in golf, these include:

  • Pitching wedge - a pitching wedge is designed to get under the ball and hit it around 110 to 125 yards. Lots of high handicappers will be better off learning how to master a pitching wedge before anything else
  • Sand wedge - a sand wedge will have a heavier clubhead, designed to glide through sand and tall grass and hit the ball into the air quickly. They also provide a lower ball spin so that when it lands on the green, it will be less likely to roll or bounce too far away from the hole
  • Gap wedge - a gap wedge comes in as a middle man between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Typically, a sand wedge will have a loft of 50 to 54 degrees and will be used on shots about 80 to 200 yards away from the hole
  • Lob wedge - the lob wedge lifts the ball high into the air, hence the name ‘lob’. These will generally have a loft of between 59 degrees and 65 degrees. A lob wedge is particularly useful when trying to avoid any obstacles blocking the green. They provide a nice soft landing with limited roll on

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