Best Websites To Buy Used Golf Balls

If you’re just starting to get into golf, or maybe you’re looking for some used golf balls for practice sessions, then you probably don’t want to fork out for brand new ones.

Luckily, there are sites online that sell high-quality used golf balls at a discounted price and sometimes you might even be able to tell the difference between a used and a new one.

We’ll be showing you the best websites for used golf balls and ultimately, the companies who adhere to the grading system and sell top-quality balls.

Best Websites to Buy Used Golf Balls

Why Should I Buy Used Golf Balls Instead Of New Ones?

One of the most obvious reasons to buy used golf balls instead of investing in brand new ones is to save money. Golf equipment and clothing can all be very costly and some things are more worth buying brand new than others, golf balls being one of these.

Losing a few used golf balls on the course won’t sting as much as losing brand new ones as you would probably have only paid around half the price of full price new ones. 

The Grading System For Used Golf Balls

The grading system for used golf balls is a great way to get a clear idea of the condition of the balls you’re buying from the seller.

Whilst the grading system may differ between websites and sellers, there is a universal grading system to help you pinpoint what quality of used golf balls you should expect. 

Mint Condition (AAAAA)

These golf balls will look and feel like brand new ones, they’ll show zero or minimal wear on the exterior and still have their bright clean coloring. 

Near Mint Condition (AAAA)

These golf balls may have discoloration from the grass and minor blemishes, however, these imperfections will not alter the performance of the ball. It is in a similar condition to a brand new ball that has played a round on a course. 

Good Condition (AAA)

There will be noticeable wear on these golf balls with scuffs, discoloration, and the print may be smudged. There will be no cracks in the ball and can still be used for rounds on the course. Many beginners will go for AAA used golf balls. 

Factory Refinished

Factory refinished used golf balls will look and feel similar to new ones as they have been reconditioned and the exterior coating has been replaced with a brand new one. Used golf balls that have been refinished have ‘refinished’ printed onto the golf ball, which is required by law. 


Used golf balls that didn’t pass a quality control test for the other grades are considered rejects. They’re not suitable for play as they’ll cause major cracks, discoloration,or deformation that could be hazardous to the player and others when struck.

Sellers will practically give these away and they’re handy to use to practice shots over ponds on the course where you won’t mind losing a few balls.

Where Should You Buy Used Golf Balls?


eBay is a great place to sell and buy just about everything, including used golf balls. Many golfers will sell their gear and equipment on eBay for a fraction of the price they’ve paid for it to make some money back to contribute to new equipment. 

You’ll be able to find some great value used balls that are perfect for practice or beginners who are just trying to get used to hitting some balls. 

Most sellers will follow the used golf ball grading system, but make sure you see a couple of photos of the collection of balls before you buy to make sure they’re in the condition you want.

If you want to be guaranteed great customer service whilst buying some used golf balls, then you need to head on over to Not only is their customer service fantastic, but they also offer the best prices for used golf balls compared to all the other used golf ball companies.

During major golf tournaments, they’ll host flash sales, where you can grab anything up to 25% of the price of the already discounted used golf balls. 

You’ll be able to search through the golf balls, by brand, color, and quantity and they also have a deals section where you can find some mint condition Titleist Pro V1’s for a bargain price. 

They offer free shipping when you spend $69, so we always like to stock up whilst we’re on the site to get the best value for money. 


Amazon is one of the most convenient sites for buying used golf balls as if you’re buying some of your equipment off there anywhere, you may as well add some used golf balls to your cart. Many companies will set their balls in lots of 50 or 100 with conditions varying from AAAAA to AAA. 

If you’re only going to use your golf balls for practice shots then you might get better value for money buying an assortment lot filled with various used golf ball conditions.

You’ll be able to find mostly all your brands of golf balls on so if you’re a Nike lover or a sucker for some Callaway balls then you’ll be able to find everything you need on this site. 

The site has regular flash sales and also has exclusive discount coupon codes to get you extra money off your already discounted purchase. 

They also sell personalized golf tees, so if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for any of your golf buddies then you’ll be able to grab a good deal.

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