Best Websites to Buy PreOwned & Used Golf Clubs

GlobalGolf is one of the most popular second-hand golf club online outlets. However, they sell plenty of new clubs too.

We love their website as it’s super easy to navigate and find your way around. 

They allow you to compare both new and used clubs and figure out whether you want to buy brand new or not.

Simply use the search bar at the top of their homepage and type in the club you’re looking for.

The results will include both new and used clubs so you can easily compare the price difference and scroll through multiple quality ratings and reviews.

This helps to ensure that you’re getting the best quality used clubs possible. Many websites avoid comparing their prices to ‘high street’ prices, but we love that GlobalGolf does.

One of their most popular promotions allows you to try out 2 different golf clubs for a whole 2 weeks before being obliged to buy them.

For just $25 per club, you can pick any 2 you like, try them both out, compare them and then send the one you don’t want back.

Alternatively, if you’re not too fond of either of the 2 clubs, GlobalGolf will allow you to return them both!

This means that there’s no commitment or pressure to buy, and they give you the time you need to try it out properly before making a decision.

All you’ll need to pay for is the label for return shipping.

We recommend trying out this promotion if you haven’t got your heart set on a certain club just yet, it can be a great way of figuring out what golf clubs work best for your style of playing.

Also, if they don’t have a particular new item in stock on their website, they will request the manufacturer ship that item directly to you (‘known as a ‘drop ship’) and provide you with a tracking number for delivery.

This means that literally no club is off-limits, just sit back and let GlobalGolf do all of the hard work for you.

The majority of pre-owned golf clubs on their website have been sourced from authorized retailers, pro shops, or directly from the equipment manufacturers.

Global Golf’s six-point inspection ensures that the clubs you purchase from their website have been properly maintained and are in the best possible condition.

We love their Global Golf Certified PreOwned clubs, as they are equipped with our twelve-month limited warranty.

This warranty protects your club for up to 12 months against all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. If your club is found to have a factory defect, their commitment is to promptly repair the club, replace it or issue a credit for the full amount.

Price - Very affordable for second-hand clubs compared to other websites. Great deals and promotions including a try-before-you-buy option.

Product - Their inventory is pretty good, claiming to have 125,000 golf clubs for sale. If your club isn’t in stock, they will source it for you. Their second-hand products are quality checked to ensure they’re in good enough condition to sell.

Customer service - Their products typically receive positive reviews and their customers seem satisfied with the service overall.

The Callaway Golf Pre-Owned website is sometimes considered the most affordable place to find golf clubs. This is thanks to their huge range of products and weekly promotions that help you get more for your buck.

Most importantly, this website only lists used clubs, and they’re very particular about the condition of the clubs they sell.

Each club is put through a rigorous inspection process to help determine the authenticity (to ensure they’re not fakes of a certain brand), as well as the condition they’re in.

Also, if they manage to determine that your club is authentic, you’ll get a certificate of authenticity that’s registered in your name.

With so many new golf gear websites popping up all the time, it’s comforting to know that all of the clubs listed on Callaway’s website are 100% authentic.

Many satisfied customers report having bought a club advertised as in “good” condition, but received a club that looked brand new! This is a testament to how thorough they are in their selection process.

All of the pictures are super high-quality and listed pretty quickly.

Considering how much work they put into ensuring they only sell high-quality clubs, their prices are impressively low.

But this doesn’t mean that they compromise on selection either. Their product inventory is just as diverse as most other used golf club websites.

Their business model is second to none as it keeps the value of their older clubs steady.

Most other brands drop their prices drastically when a new model is released. But by just using Callaway’s pre-owned website, you can build yourself an entire set for less than a thousand dollars, which is insanely cheap.

This includes a driver, hybrid, irons, wedges, and a putter that are all in good condition and only a few years old.

You can shop at Callaway Pre-Owned with confidence thanks to their no-obligation 14-day trial period.

This allows you to ensure your club performs well for you in real-world conditions. If you don’t like your club for any reason, they’ll take it back and offer you a full refund, no quibble.

Each purchase also comes with their 12-month warranty, for added peace of mind.

Price - Considered the most affordable place to find golf clubs on the whole internet. Their weekly and monthly promotions and deals offer heavily discounted clubs, usually from the Callaway brand.

- They have a huge variety of golf clubs on their website, and they’re not all just Callaways. They have a large selection of TaylorMade, Mizuno, Titleist, etc.

Customer Service - Second to none in terms of customer service, and they’ve even won awards for it. They have thousands of positive reviews online from satisfied customers singing their praises. 

3Balls are great as they allow customers to purchase new and used golf equipment, including every type of club, such as drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

They also sell relevant golfing gear such as balls, bags, and apparel.

The pricing is also very reasonable and the value of each club is determined by its condition. They’ve developed their own user-friendly grading system standard so they can avoid making any mistakes.

However, it’s important to note that the photos listed on are not exactly the same as the product listed.

The photos are largely representative and may differ from the actual product you’ll end up getting. This means that the ‘used’ condition of each club may vary slightly.

However, in terms of pricing, they tend to beat their closest competitors by around 5-10 dollars for used clubs.

They have regular deals and promotions and the real bargains can be found in their clearance section. 

They also have a decent loyalty program where you can earn credits for every purchase that you make.

One of the best features on is the ability to trade in your current golf clubs for credits towards purchasing new clubs from them.

The website states that: “we want your clubs, and we want you to save even more.”

Buyers can visit the site and use the automated feature that allows you to enter in the club type, the manufacturer, the make, and the specifics of that club, and then they’ll calculate a credit based on that information for you to use towards your purchase.

When you ultimately make your next purchase and use the credit earned during this trade-in, they’ll provide you instructions on how to send the clubs you were trading in.

Price - Often considered one of the most affordable websites to purchase used golf clubs and equipment. Be sure to take advantage of their regular weekly promotions and check out the clearance section for the very best bargains.

Product - One of the best things about 3Balls is their extensive selection of used golf clubs. You can buy used clubs, of any type, from over 30 of the biggest golf brands in the market.

Customer service - 3Balls assures customers that they’ll receive outstanding customer service on all purchases, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The website states that their well-trained customer service team is ready and willing to help, and available to answer any questions a consumer might have as soon as possible. While their customer service isn’t as impressive as Callaway, it is still considered very good.

Websites You May Not Have Thought Of…


Although this was the go-to place for anything pre-owned back in 2002, it has decreased in popularity.

However, there are certainly some treasures to be found there. But the downside is that eBay has a lot of fees associated with buying and selling on the platform. 

In addition to this, posting a golf club, particularly a heavy iron, isn’t going to be cheap. eBay is clearly not a golf company, but with over 400,000 used golf clubs for sale there ought to be something that will fit your needs.

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However, eBay is sort of a “free for all” in terms of rules regarding authenticity. Because of this, it’s flooded with fake clubs.

If something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Fake or counterfeit clubs do exist and people do sell them on eBay. This is through a desire to cheat or in some cases through simple ignorance.

Someone who has bought a set of fake clubs may not know and when they do not perform as well as the buyer had hoped he may well sell them on, listing them as genuine because he thinks they are.

Read the description, this is vital, many fake clubs are listed as 'look alike', 'clone', or 'copy'. These are not genuine clubs, they won't perform like genuine clubs, leaving you disappointed.

A top tip when using eBay is to always read the seller’s feedback. Be sure to scan at least a couple of lines before jumping straight in and making a purchase you may forget.

If the seller’s feedback is mostly from other sellers be wary. Feedback from buyers is a whole lot more telling.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is considered one of the best platforms for selling used golf clubs, but buyers may have a little more trouble.

 If you’re on the hunt for a specific golf club, don’t necessarily expect to find it on Marketplace. Even if you do, it’s probably going to be a far distance away.

If you manage to find golf clubs local on Marketplace, it’s easy to just hop in your car and pick them up without the fuss and costs of posting.

However, when using Facebook Marketplace to shop for used golf clubs, you have to be quick. Like, really quick. The real bargains get snapped up quickly, sometimes in minutes.

Facebook has a great feature that allows you to set up alerts for when specific items get posted on Marketplace.

You can even set a radius of how far you’re willing to travel to collect the golf club.

You can save certain keywords to your Marketplace alerts, these can be very broad such as “golf club” or more specific words including brand name and size, etc.

Top Tips for Buying Used Golf Clubs Online

  1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is - Many people are selling counterfeit clubs and fake golf equipment online, and generally, by the time you realize you have been taken it is too late, and little can be done. This is why it is important to buy from reputable dealers or sites with a track record and some form of recourse should you have any issues.
  2. Check the history and reviews of the website - Some sites, particularly the bigger ones, have controls in place to prevent and control nefarious activity. The older and more trusted sites are generally a better bet unless you have trust in the specific page. A quick Google search should give you some feedback.
  3. Don’t feel obliged to buy a full set of clubs - While you can sometimes come across full sets of golf clubs at a good price, the real bargains are to be found in mixing and matching individual clubs. As long as you’re not fussy about what brands you have, then this can be a great way of getting an entire set for a small price.
  4. Consider trading in your old clubs - If you already have clubs at home and are simply looking to upgrade your current set, then why not look into trading in your old ones? The money you make from this can go toward a new set of clubs or even just one specific club. This is also sustainable and gives other people the opportunity to enjoy the old clubs you may not have time for anymore.
  5. Be sure to always check shipping costs - Sometimes a seemingly great bargain is also paired with extortionate shipping costs and this is often used as a sales tactic. Be sure to factor in the cost of delivery before making your final decision.

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