Best Value Golf Balls On A Budget

Playing with high quality golf balls can have a huge impact on your game. The best golf balls will be able to travel long distances in a straight line and high speeds.

Better golf balls often feature a multi-layer design complete with a dimple pattern designed to improve the visibility and power of the ball.

You also want your golf balls to provide a nice feel as well as a good grip on the club for better penetration through the air.

However, navigating through a saturated market of brands promising to be the best can be tricky. So, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Keeping reading to find our favorite high-value golf balls perfect for those on a budget. We’ve also included an information-packed buyer’s guide to take you through the process.


This is a great value golf ball for anyone, but particularly for those on a budget.

The combination of its 4-piece construction and dual-core design create a great low spin option which gives you more control and stability at higher speeds. 

Moreover, its 330-dimple configuration allows you to achieve a more penetrating ball flight. This, combined with a 0.5 mm urethane cover delivers an increased ball speed from the get go, equalling extra distance. 

These balls are perfect for feeling solid when using a driver while still providing the softness you need when putting. 

Inside the box you’ll get 12 balls in the color white. These balls are well manufactured, specially designed and for everyone, including those with a handicap with Sub 15. 

They are great for refining your game and even professionals looking to improve. These balls will deliver stability even in windier conditions due to the dimple design. 


  • 4-piece construction - low ball spin gives you better control at high speeds
  • 330 dimple configuration - more power and stability in flight
  • Refined urethane cover - 0.5 mm thickness for faster take off
  • Suitable for all - will help even professional upgrade their game
  • Affordable price - 12 balls included & great price for stability, speed, low spin and budget-friendly 


  • Firmness - hard design not ideal for beginners


These TaylorMade TP5x golf balls are an awesome upgrade on previous versions at the same great, affordable price. 

The dual-spin urethane cover is softer than ever that works to better grip onto the grooves on whatever club you’re using, particularly a wedge.

This allows for increased spin near the greens with a high launch making them faster, longer and higher launching than their previous version. 

The new and improved Speed Layer System features four layers increasing in stiffness to produce a higher ball speed.

The Tri-fast core delivers maximum carry and low drag to produce more distance off the tee, as well as more wind control and better spin around the greens. 

These balls are available in both white and a new UV resistant yellow color scheme for extra durability and visibility. 

Famously used by celebrity golfers including Rory Mcllroy these balls are a great all-rounder option and clearly a favorite for many. 


  • Soft urethane cover - faster, longer and higher launching
  • 5-layer construction - Tri-fast core delivers maximum carry and low drag
  • Speed Layer System - stiff layers increase ball speed 
  • Control - dual-spin urethane cover for better groove interaction
  • Celebrity recognition - famously loved by celebrity golfers such as Rory Mcllroy 


  • Price - more expensive option compared to the other options in this review


The Vice Pro Soft golf are the first matte-finish urethane balls worldwide! Their complex manufacture produce an ultra-thin coating and special adhesion to the green. 

Their new S2TG technology means you will be guaranteed a super smooth feel when hitting the ball while staying completely in control with a high degree of backspin. 

The 336 dimple design for a super penetrating ball flight and extra durability. Plus, their high energy speed core allows for a higher ball speed and distance off the tee. 

Inside the pack, you will get 12 balls in the color white, also available in red and yellow for better visibility.

The white option features a special coating to create a pearl-white ball to make tracking the ball flight from a distance easier as well as locating the ball on the green. 


  • 3-piece urethane - low spin for increased control
  • High Energy Speed Core - for higher ball speed and distance off the tee
  • 336 dimple design - extremely durable
  • Matte coating - pearl-white, red & yellow options for optimum visibility
  • Feel - high spin and great control around the green, optimized for amazing distance off the tee 


  • Low compression - not ideal for golfers of all calibers, best for beginner to intermediate


The Calaway Golf Chrome Soft golf balls are suitable for golfers of all calibers at a super reasonable price. 

Inside the box, you will get 12 balls in the color white, although there is a yellow option for increased visibility for a little extra money. 

The 332 dimple configuration is not as good as some of the other models in this review but still a great design.

Callaway’s Truvis (true visibility) pattern provides better focus and visibility off the clubface and during flight. 

These balls are made from a different material to the other balls reviewed in this article called graphene which is a very sturdy and super thin material.

These balls are specifically aimed at golfers looking for excellent driver and iron performance as well as a soft feel and control. 

Their dual-core design provides a higher launch and lower spin model as each layer reacts accordingly to different clubs. 


  • Ultra soft feel - chrome soft urethane cover
  • 332 dimple design - with Truvis for better focus and visibility
  • Distance - chrome graphene design allows the ball to travel further
  • Graphene material - increased ball speed and ultimate durability
  • Affordability - amazing price considering special graphene material and sophisticated design 


  • Low compression - work better for beginner to intermediate golfers


The Wilson Staff DUO golf balls offer excellent value for money and come in at a super affordable price.  

Its 362 dimple design is new and improved for maximum aerodynamic flight. Plus, their super low 29 compression makes them the lowest compression 2-piece golf balls on the market right now.

This allows you to hit super straight off the tee. 

These balls are known for their impressive distance.

The hard ionomer mantle produces some of the longest distance compared to other balls on the market and creates a great feel and strong control, especially when using short irons. 

These balls are also super soft to create a nice spring effect off the tee. 


  • Low compression - super low compression of 29 for straightest flight off the tee
  • Distance - hard ionomer blend material to deliver the longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls, according to the manufacturer
  • Feel - ionomer mantle for control and great feel
  • 362 dimple pattern - new and improved dimple pattern for maximum aerodynamic flight
  • Soft - super soft ball creates a spring effect off the tee


  • Compression - very low so not perfect for everyone

Best Value Golf Balls On A Budget Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best value golf balls on a budget, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Below we’ve complied a compact list to make your search easier.

Best Value Golf Balls

Dimple pattern

Golf balls feature a dimple pattern that is designed to help the ball travel further in flight. The better the dimple aerodynamics, the more control a golfer will have and the further they will be able to hit it off the tee.


Some golf balls will be softer than others and this can affect their performance. Harder balls provide the best resilience to impact/ being hit by a club. This will provide more power for longer.

However, this may have a negative impact on the control. If you’re happy to compromise on power, a softer ball is much more supportive and forgiving.

Hard balls will typically produce a high spin and softer balls deliver a lower spin.


The spin of a golf ball can be either high or low and which is better will depend on your handicap/ skill level.

You want your ball to travel as straight as possible and the spin rating will affect this. The lower the spin rating, the straighter the ball should be able to travel.

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