Best Low Spin Golf Balls

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro player, what golf balls you have in your armory can have a huge impact on your game.

Golfers will spend days searching for the best driver but totally disregard the quality of the golf balls they buy. 

When it comes to choosing golf balls, it can be difficult to understand the specifications and how they will affect your game.

Are you fed up with too much spin on your shots off the tee? You may find that you are struggling with hitting straight on longer shots. This may be due to the golf balls you are using. Choosing a low spin golf ball can fix this!

However, finding a set of balls that can deliver this is not easy. There are countless brands to choose from but, how do you know which one is best?

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Keeping reading to find our top low spin golf balls guaranteed to improve your game. We’ve also included an information-packed buyer’s guide to take you through the process.


The Bridgestone E6 Soft golf balls are designed to increase accuracy as well as distance.

They deliver a super low spin off the tee on long-distance shots. These balls are also designed to reduce spin on mishits too. 

The only issue with a ball with a spin as low as the E6, is they are less workable on longer shots, making them not ideal for low handicappers. That being said, if distance and straighter shots is what you’re looking for, the E6 balls are definitely for you.

With a 330-dimple, Delta Dimple design, these balls deliver a more consistent flight off the tee due to the reduced air resistance the dimples produce. This also means your shots travel much further.

The low spin keeps driver shots straight and helps with ball roll out upon landing. Plus, the low compression makes it easier to achieve maximum distance.

While some may not prefer low compression balls, the E6 doesn’t feel too soft off the face of the club, they have definitely found a happy medium.

You’ll receive 12 E6 balls in white, but you can also purchase the color ‘Optic Yellow’ for increased visibility on the fairway, green, and rough


  • Low spin - on longer shots and even mishits to minimize the damage
  • Low compression - making it easier to achieve maximum distance
  • 330 Delta dimple design - reduced air-resistance


  • Low compression is not ideal for low handicappers


These balls are designed to maintain a low spin on longer shots. Plus, when it comes to shots on the green, these balls deliver a wedge spin to ensure your shots stop within a reasonable distance. 

These balls are coated in a tri-ionomer cover which provides an increased softness and a nicer feel on impact shots.

With refined surface contours that reduce drag and enhance lift off the tee, Supersoft balls utilize premium technology such as HEX aerodynamics, to provide you with some of the best low spin balls on the market.

The core of the ball is designed to produce incredible ball speed plus, these balls have increased carry in order to take your shots further.

Inside the box you'll get 12 great balls in the color white, although you can purchase them in other colors for better visibility such as yellow, pink and a multicolored pack.


  • Low spin - surface contours reduce drag & enhance lift
  • Low compression - increased softness and nicer feel on impact
  • Speed - specially designed core to increase speed 


  • Low compression is not ideal for low handicappers


Vice Pro Soft golf balls deliver higher ball speed and distance off the tee thanks to the high energy speed core.

Utilizing Vice’s new S2TG technology, these balls provide a super smooth feel on every shot while keeping you in control with a high degree of backspin.

The 336-dimple design allows for a super penetrating ball flight and extra durability.

Not to mention these balls are the first matte-finish urethane balls to be created worldwide! Their complex configuration produces an ultra-thin coating and special adhesion to the green.

Included with your purchase, you'll get 12 balls available in pearl-white, red and yellow for better visibility when tracking the ball flight from a distance, as well as locating the ball on the green.


  • 3-piece urethane - low spin for increased control
  • High Energy Speed Core - for higher ball speed and distance off the tee
  • Matte coating - pearl-white, red & yellow options for optimum visibility
  • Feel - high spin and great control around the green, optimized for amazing distance off the tee


  • Not ideal for golfers of all calibers, best for beginner to intermediate


The Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls are ideal for low spin long shots. This will deliver improved distance. 

True to their name, TruSoft balls are some of the softest on the market with a super low compression. The TruTouch inner core delivers excellent feedback and super soft feel on every shot.

With a TruFlex cover, these balls are able to increase your short game spin. The Tru technology ensures the ball stops at a reasonable distance on the green.

With TruSoft, you’ll have the best of both worlds between a low spin on long shots while still improving your short game.

Inside the box, you’ll find 12 high quality TruSoft balls available in the colors white and yellow. Their price is reasonable and affordable.


  • Low spin - TruFlex cover delivers even lower spin rate
  • Super soft compression - TruSoft design for amazing feel
  • Increased distance -longer distance through low long game spin


  • No cons


The Mizuno MP-X golf balls feature a 330-dimple configuration that allows you to achieve a more penetrating ball flight. This, combined with a 0.5 mm urethane cover delivers an increased ball speed from the get go and better distance.

The combination of its 4-piece construction and dual-core design creates a great low spin option which gives you more control and stability at higher speeds.

You’ll get 12 balls in the color white. These balls are well manufactured, specially designed and suitable for everyone, including those with a handicap with Sub 15.


  • 4-piece construction - low ball spin gives you better control at high speeds
  • 330 dimple configuration - more power and stability in flight
  • Refined urethane cover - 0.5 mm thickness for faster take off


  • Compared to other balls in this review they are a little firmer

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best golf low spin golf balls to improve your game, there are a few factors that you need to think about. Below is a handy buyer’s guide to break down the purchasing process.

Best Low Spin Golf Balls


The compression will impact the feel of your shots as well as the power. Harder balls deliver better resilience to impact when being hit by a club, providing more power for increased speed.

The only downside to this is it takes away from the amount of control you have, particularly on longer shots. This is because they will have more spin.

This is why lots of golfers, particularly amateurs, like to go for balls with a low compression. These balls are easier to control and often travel further. Plus, they tend to be much more forgiving and supportive. This is because they are low spin.


The best golf balls will enable you to hit them as straight as possible at higher speeds while remaining in control. If you have a lower handicap, a low spin ball will better suit you and help you to improve your game.

The spin of a golf ball will depend on the design. So, if you’re looking for a low spin golf ball, look out for ‘low spin’ in the specifications.

Dimple pattern

Golf balls feature a dimple pattern that is designed to help the ball travel further in flight. The better the dimple aerodynamics, the more control a golfer will have and the further they will be able to hit it off the tee.

Dimples will also affect the drag, lift, and speed in the air. The spin on a ball is affected by air that moves around it in flight. So, the more air moving around it, the more spin on the ball.

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