Best Iron Sets

Buying an Iron can be an expensive business, especially if you end up with the wrong one for you!

What is even worse is if you’ve bought a whole set of irons that doesn’t match your game! Now you’ll be stuck with a bunch of golf clubs that are just wrong for your swing, and you’ll be down a lot of money.

Before you buy something that will send you straight into the bunker, you first need to know what is best for you. It could be that the set you bought was amazing, and had great reviews, but just didn’t fit the way you play.

So how do you know what the best iron for you is? Have a look at our advice and you’ll have improved your swing in no time!

What Iron is best for me?

There are two things you need to know, to help you figure which type of iron is right for your game.

The first is the shaft flex, and the second is the level of game improvement. When you buy a single iron club or a set of irons, you will be given a range of shaft flexes or flexibility.

It can be harder to find information on game improvement designs as each club will be advertised to say it improved your game. Have a look at our breakdowns to see in more detail what you need to look for.

Shaft Flex

Starting with the shaft flex, you need to pick something that matches the speed of your swing. The faster your speed is, the stiffer your shaft needs to be.

This is where buying the most expensive iron would actually make your game worse, because if you go on reviews and expense, but not shaft’s flexibility, then your ball will go off in a direction you weren’t expecting.

If you have a slow swing and you pick a stiff shaft, you will feel like you're swinging a log. Not only will that wear you down, but the shot will go too far left (if you are left handed), or right (if you are right handed).

If you have a fast swing and you pick a flexible shaft, then you’ll lose all control over your shot as you will have too much power for the distance you were aiming for. It will feel like you have been throwing a twig into the air.

If you don’t know what your speed is your local driving range will have someone who can do the math for you. They want you to have a good time, and so want you to get the best of your game.

Game Improvement Iron Clubs

Generally speaking, there are three types of game improvement irons. They are Players Irons, Game Improvement Irons, and Super Game Improvement Irons.

Players Irons need to be struck with accuracy and so should only be used by people who are at the highest ability level.

If you are a handicapped player you can still use these irons but it will be hard to get the ball where you want it to go. Players Irons don’t give you any help and are the more natural result of your game.

Game Improvement Irons are aimed at middle level golfers. The irons produce better results and create straighter and longer shots. Even if you don’t hit the ball in the center of the irons club face, the club will recenter the ball on the hit.

This is often called “forgiveness”. If the club you are looking at does not mention “Game Improvement”, then check out what they say about forgiveness.

Super Game Improvement Irons are aimed at the most handicapped golfers, making the most off center-hits straighter than they should be.

You might think that Super Game Improvement Irons should only be used by majorly handicapped players, but in reality, even a professional would do well with an SGI.

Why turn down a piece of tech that helps with your aim, just because it might bruise your ego?

Now you know what you should be looking for in an iron, the next set is understanding what makes an Iron Set good in general.

What Makes an Iron Set Good?

When it comes to finding a good iron set, you want a manufacturer that appreciates the number 1 iron as much as the number 9.

But looking at the more detailed aspects of your purchase, there are three things you need to consider; thin faces, balanced design, and reducing vibrations.

With a thin face on the club, you’ll be able to create more speed from your swing and more forgiveness in the movement of the golf ball.

A truly balanced design should help move the ball to a further distance, whilst still keeping your accuracy.

And with some of the newer technology now on the market, you should be looking at these processes which can help reduce the interference received from harsh vibrations.

If there are too many vibrations through your club, then the perfect shot could be ruined. Eliminating the vibration, means eliminating interference from your game.

With all this information you are now in the best position to find them the right iron set for you!


[amazon fields=”B082PPJG8Z” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B082PN9CJ4″ value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B0823FC264″ value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B082PPJG8Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The TaylorMade SIM MAX has a 17% thinner face than their previous model, making the overall face size 1.5 mm.

This design contains progressive inverted cone technology which delivers an extreme ball speed.

The design also has an enhanced sweet spot in the center of the face which promotes a straighter ball. It is the bridge of the face that creates that balance.

This technology strategically supports the topline of the iron, which creates an easier and more forgiving result.

One more amazing piece of technology found in this club is the ECHO Damping system.

This system channels the energetic geometry of your swing, damping hit which in turn eliminates the harsh vibrations that would be created after impact.

Normally this kind of damping technology is used at the expense of the club’s flexibility. But TaylorMade has managed to keep this damping technology in the club without restricting the club’s shaft flex.

This iron set comes with 5 clubs, can be bought for left handed or right handed players It is made available in three levels of flexibility; regular, super, or stiff.


  • Ultra Thin Face
  • Speed Bridge design
  • Three levels of Shaft Flex
  • Reduces Vibrations


  • Only Comes in a Four or a Five set


[amazon fields=”B082PN9CJ4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The next on our list of best iron sets is the update to the TaylorMade SIM MAX collection. This collection is called the OS.

The company heard the feedback from the community and designed an oversized set to make the feel of the clubs a little bigger. This is done without affecting the topline.

To be specific, the MAX OS has an additional 1.5 mm more offset than the original.

This makes the clubs wider and in turn more forgiving, whilst also creating a lower center of gravity which is great for high handicapped or beginner players.

The Original SIM MAX is made out of either steel or graphite. Graphites are more flexible and steel is more stiff, meaning graphite is better for high handicapped players and steel is for high class players.

The SIM MAX OS is only made out of graphite, which is another reason that this is a perfect buy for a beginner or high handicapped player.

All the other perks of the SIM MAX can be found in both sets. All in all, the only difference between the two sets is that the MAX OS is perfect for the high handicapped whereas the MAX is perfect for any player.


  • All the Pros of the TaylorMade SIM MAX
  • Wide Club
  • Lower Center of Gravity


  • Only 4 Clubs in the Set


[amazon fields=”B0823FC264″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Callaway is made from artificial intelligence. You read that right, an artificial intelligence created this club!

The sophisticated face and unique architecture of the iron club allows the players to locate the center gravity, making your game more accurate.

This material creates a significant boost in the ball’s speed as well as an increased spin off for every iron in the set.

When it comes to unwanted vibrations messaging up your accuracy, this club has a urethane microsphere to absorb the impact. This is patented technology and does amazing work for creating incredible speed.

The clubs come in graphite and steel like the SIM MAX original, and although it isn’t as accurate as either SIM MAX collections, it does come in a wider selection of 4,5, or 6 clubs per set. It also has a range of flexible, regular, or stiff.

You might think with AI creating this club, that it would be super expensive, but it is actually the cheapest set on our list!


  • Accurate Face
  • Sleek center of gravity
  • 4, 5, or 6 Iron Set
  • Cheapest set on the list


  • Not as forgiving as the SIM MAX collections

Best Iron Sets - FAQ's

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

On average the furthest you can hit a 7 iron golf club is 140 yards. For 6 irons it is 150 yards, and for 8 iron the furthest you can hit is 130 yards. The higher the numbered iron, the closest the distance of aim should be.

Is it worth joining a golf club?

This all depends on how often you play. If you play less than twice a month, then you might not get as much value from a membership than if you played more often than this.

It also depends on how much the membership costs and what premiums they give. Your local golf course might have multiple types of memberships, so ask them what’s on offer.

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