Best Illegal Golf Drivers

Whether you’re a regular golfer or a total beginner, every player of every ability dreams of breaking the 300-yard mark off the tee.

However, this sort of distance is incredibly difficult to hit and is usually the average for professional golfers who have perfected their technique and use the very best drivers and equipment the sport has to offer.

Trying to make these sorts of ranges is a great ambition, but it takes a lot of practice and there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be able to hit it with any consistency - unless you’re very talented, very lucky, or are perhaps the new Happy Gilmore.

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to hit beyond 300 yards is because drivers are closely monitored and regulated in professional play, and they cannot be over a certain size.

Even playing for your handicap requires you to use a regulation size driver, to ensure you’re not getting an unfair advantage.

However, there are oversized, non-regulation drivers out there for those of you who fantasize about hitting 300 yards regularly, or who want a bit of fun at the range.

These illegal golf drivers can hit the ball 300 yards quite easily thanks to their size and profile, putting this sort of range within your grasp regularly instead of on rare occasions where the wind is in your favor.

Another good way to use these drivers is to bring them along to a fun game and mess with your friends, without telling them you’re using a bigger driver.

If they don’t notice they will be awed by how cleanly and perfectly you’re hitting your drives, and it can be quite funny if they don’t notice you’re using an illegal driver.

To help you find the best illegal driver possible we’ve created a list of some of the top options available. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you understand the important features that these amazing clubs offer.


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The Big Tall Juggernaut truly lives up to its name with a massive oversized 515cc clubhead, which is a huge difference from the regulation-sized 460cc heads used in professional play.

The size of the head adds weight and power to your drives and creates a huge sweet spot to help straighten up those drives and keep you on the fairway.

The Head is made of titanium which is relatively lightweight despite the added size of this driver, and the 10.5-degree loft angle helps give your shots the perfect trajectory to clear obstacles while retaining as much distance as possible.

The regular flex shaft is quite forgiving but still provides enough stiffness to give excellent leverage and control.

The grip works relatively well but could be a little more comfortable which is the only thing that lets this club down.

This is a great option to add many yards to your drive and straighten up your shots if you tend to draw or fade your tee shots.


  • 515cc Extra Large Head
  • Regular Flex
  • 10.5 Degrees Loft Angle
  • Extra Long Graphite Shaft
  • Titanium Head


  • The grip could be better


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The Integra Smasher is another huge oversize club that lives up to its name thanks to a truly enormous 550cc clubhead that absolutely dwarfs regulation drivers and even many other oversized clubs.

A driver of this size will make your shots longer, no questions asked, and will also give you the confidence to swing as hard as possible thanks to a huge clubface that houses a sweet spot that is very difficult to miss.

This adds huge power and distance to shots as well as accuracy and straightness, which further add to the distance this club can achieve.

There are several shafts available that can be added with your order to give you maximum choice over how your club handles, which is a nice touch that allows you to make sure you are getting the absolute best performance and comfort out of your new club.

The main drawback is that as a heavier club it will naturally be a little heavier, which may not suit all styles.


  • 550cc Massive Head
  • Available in various flex ratings
  • Titanium Head
  • Various Grip Types


  • A little heavier because of size
  • Head only - Shaft to be added


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The Heater Ghost is a driver head that takes a different approach to some of the huge clubs we’ve looked at so far.

Featuring a lightweight 175g driver head made from titanium, this club is actually the same physical size as regulation clubs, which may leave you wondering why it’s not considered a legal golf club.

The 460cc size may be regulation size, however, the high impact COR rating is what makes this club illegal, as its rating is way higher than what the USGA allows.

This means that while the club looks the standard size, the clubface is designed to spring back when it hits the ball, adding that little bit of extra yardage you need without having to worry about carrying a heavy oversized driver or standing out too much.


  • 175g Lightweight Head
  • Titanium
  • 460cc Size
  • High Impact COR rating - The efficiency of the energy transfer between this club and the golf ball is so efficient that it’s outside of USGA regulations!


  • No shaft included


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This offering from Geek Golf uses a similar method to the Heater Ghost, in that its actual size and weight isn’t above the USGA regulations, so it doesn’t stand out or weigh too much making it manageable and easy to use.

The key is the ultra hi-COR titanium clubface which propels your ball forward without needing extra weight.

The benefit of these clubs is that you can swing very hard with them due to the lower weight which is an advantage they have over heavier and larger oversized clubs.

The clubface is also available in a few loft angles to help you decide how you want your trajectory to look and perform.

The included headcover and ferrule are also a nice touch that make caring for your club easy and convenient.


  • Ultra Hi-COR Performance Head
  • 9* or 10.5* Loft Angle
  • Titanium Head
  • 460cc
  • Includes FREE Headcover & Ferrule


  • Golf Head Only - No shaft Included


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The High Launch uses a large 520cc head which gives amazing accuracy and very straight trajectories due to the large sweet spot.

A heavier head also provides added impact that can drastically increase the distance the ball will travel, which is the reason golf pros are forced to use 460cc clubs only.

The graphite shaft is suitably forgiving and the regular flex allows for supreme control and leverage and can generate an amazing amount of energy alongside the large clubhead.

The grip is well designed and works well, and the included headcover works well to help protect your club in poor weather conditions.


  • 520cc Size
  • Excellent Grip Design
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Regular Flex
  • Includes Headcover


  • Too short for tall players

Best Illegal Golf Drivers Buying Guide

When looking for ways to improve your game, an oversized club is by far one of the easiest and best ways to make a huge difference, particularly for amateurs or senior players who need a little extra distance and don’t need to worry about staying within regulations.

Illegal drivers don’t conform to USGA’s regulations regarding various aspects of driver design which means that professional players or amateurs submitting for handicap can’t use these clubs as they give players too much of an advantage.

But why do these clubs give such an improvement to distance, and why aren’t golfers encouraged to use equipment that will improve their distance and accuracy?

Quite simply, usage of these clubs would make things far too easy for professional golfers and ruin the competitiveness of golf.

It would also make golf courses far shorter and ruin course design as a whole, removing a lot of the hazards and obstacles that make the game so challenging and interesting.

Nonconforming clubs achieve this by using larger club heads, which provide a much bigger sweet spot and more force on the golf ball which all translates to a far straighter and powerful shot than with regulation size clubs.

There are several features to look out for you if you want to experience the thrill and enjoyment of smashing 300-yard drives and increasing your accuracy.

In this buyers guide we’re going to look at some of these core features and things to look out for, as well as provide answers to a few commonly asked questions surrounding illegal golf drivers.

Head Size

Head size is one of the main features of illegal golf clubs. The maximum regulation size is 460cc, however, many nonconforming clubs are over 500cc, some of them are even 550cc which adds an enormous amount of power due to their heavier weight, which naturally creates a larger force on the golf ball.

Another advantage of these larger club heads is that they increase the size of the sweet spot on your clubface. These larger sweet spots make your drives much straighter and can really reduce the drag and fade of your natural golf shot. 

A bigger sweet spot will also add distance due to the reduction in swerving, making your shots more efficient.


There are a few ways nonconforming clubs use weight to their advantage. The most obvious advantage of heavier clubs is that they provide more force on each swing, which adds distance to your shots.

However, some clubs may be lighter than regulation to increase how fast you can swing the club, which is another way to massively increase your shot distance.

Whether you should use a lighter or heavier club really depends on your own preference and playstyle.

If you want to swing harder and faster, a lighter option will help you to really maximize this, while a heavier club will help less mobile or aggressive players to still make very powerful shots without needing to put as much physical effort into each shot.

Either option has major benefits and can really help improve your tee shot.

Club Length

Club length can be an important detail to keep in mind if you’re a taller or shorter player. The wrong size length can massively affect the stance and quality of your swing, which may negate the benefits of using a new oversized club.

Ensuring you get a size that’s appropriate for your height is very important, so make sure to check this.


As with any golf club, a good grip is very important, particularly when you’re using a larger or heavier club where you’re going to be generating additional force and power.

There are several types of grip, from rubber compounds to old-fashioned leather wrap designs.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the grip has to be both comfortable and provide you with a lot of control, particularly with oversized clubs.

Making sure you’re going to have adequate space and traction is really important to ensure you get the most out of every shot.


The amount of loft created is heavily dependent on the angle of the clubface. The steeper the more extreme the angle, the higher your shots will travel which can hugely affect the distance and trajectory of your shots.

A good amount of loft is important to ensure you’re able to clear traps and obstacles, however, too much loft can reduce your overall distance.

The degree of loft you choose really depends on your personal style and the courses you tend to play, however, many clubs have various options to make it easier for you to pick one that’s right for you.

Best Illegal Golf Drivers - FAQ's

What does COR mean?

COR technically stands for ‘coefficient of restitution’ which is one of those terms that doesn’t actually provide any explanation. What this actually means is how efficiently the driver transfers its energy to the golf ball.

Club faces that have a high COR will actually absorb a little bit as it strikes the ball, depressing a little and then springing back to add extra force to your stroke.

Clubs with a high COR add more of this ‘spring’ to the clubface, meaning they transfer more energy to the ball as it strikes it.

Why is a high COR better?

It depends on what you want from your club, but if you're after increased distance, a high COR will help add yards to your distance shots.

What flex should I use?

There are many types of flex designed to suit various ages and abilities. Regular flex clubs will typically suit most golfers, however, there are more forgiving options aimed at seniors and ladies, as well as stiffer options for more experienced golfers.

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