Best Hybrid Iron Sets

Matching the correct hybrid to your game can do wonders for your scoring, but how do you find the right hybrid for you? 

A hybrid (or rescue) is considered more appealing than a long iron because of its more confidence-inspiring head, and they tend to be more forgiving.

They’re a great option on long par 3s, as well as useful to hit low shots out of the trees, and can even come in handy around the greens. Overall, a hybrid is the most versatile club you can carry. 

But how do you know what the best hybrid is for you? Especially when there are so many fantastic models to choose from? But fear not, as below you’ll find our top 5 picks. 


The TaylorMade RBZ is the best club for beginners thanks to its low center of gravity, which helps you easily get the ball high into the air.

A mass pad is also included on the clubface for additional launch and an exceptional feel on each shot. What’s more, this club also comes with Speed Pocket technology in the sole of the club that increases the launch angle, while decreasing spin for more accuracy.

This affordable, dependable hybrid increases distance and improves accuracy no matter where you are on the course.

If you are new to golf and have started to extend your club set, the TaylorMade RBZ is a terrific addition due to its solid gameplay.

As well as its Speed Pocket technology that improves carry and launch angle, the shallow profile of the RBZ also improves contact interaction as the club moves through the turf to take a divot and impact the golf ball. 

There is also the lightweight RocketFuel shaft that gives you further distance, and the mass pad is designed for a better launch, sound, and feel when moving through the ball.

The RBZ’s low profile gives you a wider sweet spot and a larger area for contact with the ball. For off-center hits, the RBZ offers forward propulsion that increases your accuracy no matter how bad you’re playing. 

But while we highly recommend this to beginners or more inexperienced players, more experienced golfers may be disappointed by the fixed clubhead and want more adjustability.

If you like a smaller hybrid with concentrated sweet spots then the long and low profile of this club may not be for you.


Our budget-friendly pick, this Solid hybrid has all the basic features you would expect at a great price.

The clubface on the Excel boasts a larger sweet spot for improved contact and a more dependable ball flight.

This club also comes equipped with the graphite shaft that Pinemeadow hybrids are known for, promising enhanced club speed while being incredibly lightweight.

The distinctive red dash at the top of the hybrid can be used as an alignment mark for center mass on the clubface. 

While the Excel’s profile may appear a bit cheap and chrome-laden, it is still quite an attractive budget-friendly club. 

The Excel promises fairly accurate shots from the face, although it doesn’t reach the same distances as other more high-profile branded hybrids. 

But whether you need it off the tee or in the fairway, Excel delivers a good performance anywhere except out of the rough. But we’re sure you will be pleased with the performance if you keep the Excel within clean lines.

There are unfortunately no adjustment options on the Excel as the club is fixed at the hosel. However, the sole is extensive with a low profile. Overall though, the hybrid is quite thin at impact and is inconsistent when it comes to feel. 


No matter what type of golfer you are, the Callaway Rogue X Hybrid is a great all-rounder. Its Jailbreak Technology delivers some of the most solid strikes at the impact of any hybrid on the market.

The thin clubhead increases clubhead speed and launches the ball into the air, while the low center of gravity makes the Rogue X easy to hit and even easier to get the ball down the fairway - beginners take note!

Callaway is one of the more sophisticated hybrids in the Rogue X range. Its unique design shifts power to the center of the club, giving it astounding accuracy and distance on every shot. This dynamic hybrid is literally a game-changer. 

While we do believe a golfer at any level would be impressed by the Rogue X’s performance, specifically golfers of the mid-handicap and above skill level may be the best suited to it.

This may also be a step-up for beginning golfers from, say, a TaylorMade RBZ as their skill grows.

While the Rogue X has plenty of features, its Jailbreak Technology stands out among the lot. The Jailbreak bars run inside the clubhead, which stiffens the Rogue X’s body making for less twisting and purer impact.

The Rogue X has an ultra-thin face that makes the club remarkably fast through the swing. This feature makes for longer distances due to the increase in ball speed.

Together with the Jailbreak Technology, the thin face works incredibly hard to deliver strength to the center of the golf ball.

What’s more, the Rogue X also boasts Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face Cup technology. This provides strength across the clubface and helps to maximize ball speed and distance on off-center as well as center contact. 

The Rogue X also boasts Callaway’s proprietary Internal Standing Wave, which locates the center of gravity precisely for better shots. The lower center of gravity makes your shots lift easily and achieve incredible distance. 

Like some other hybrids on our list and despite its multitude of features, the Rogue X does not have advanced features like sliding or removable weights or an adjustable hosel.

It also feels like more of an iron than a fairway wood with a tall clubface. But the Rogue X’s remarkable performance renders these almost insignificant. 


Our pick for mid-handicappers, the specific internal weighting of the TaylorMade M4 makes for a dynamic, stable, and balanced feel and high-quality shot.

The dynamic feel at impact is once again thanks to TaylorMade’s SpeedPocket Technology, and even if your shots stray away from the sweet spot, with the M4 you can still deliver a quality shot with accuracy. 

This dynamic club lets you easily launch the ball, and with the newly designed clubhead and a crown that assists you with aligning your shot to your intended target, the M4 is one of the best hybrid golf clubs out there.

This is partly because of the amazing improvements TaylorMade has made to the M4’s clubheads.

Two internal mass pads have been separated between the heel and toe to increase the moment of inertia and clubhead speed. This increased ball speed and consistent contact are what make the M4 stand out among the rest.

But that’s not the only improvement TaylorMade has made. They have also improved the Speed Pocket Technology so it delivers more distance throughout the clubface, giving the M4 a good performance on off-center hits.

Indeed, this is one of the most remarkable things about the M4. Even when there is less than maximum power swing, the ball will launch into the air with ease and achieve exceptional distance. 

The low profile also gives you the confidence to take a shot from any direction. If you appreciate a high soft fade or draw, the M4 will have no problem delivering it. 

We recommend this hybrid to mid-to-high handicappers, especially those who are having difficulty finding consistency off the tee or from the fairway on long second shots. 

Despite this, the M4 does lack modern features such as weight alteration and hosel adjustment. It also has a smaller profile on the clubface and is wider. If you prefer a solid and boxy style, this may not be the club for you. 

Still, this club has an impressive response at impact and is worth adding to your bag for its solid construction and advanced gameplay. 


With superior performance at a reasonable price, we believe the TaylorMade M3 to be the best adjustable hybrid on our list.

The slider weight on the back of the club lets you dial in a draw or fade ball flight, while the adjustable hosel lets you reduce the angle on the clubface and adjust the height of the shots.

The SpeedPocket technology also lowers spin and increases distance, providing more accurate and longer shots. This versatile club works hard to deliver superior performance, and we’re sure you’ll be excited to use it. 

One of the most remarkable things about the M3 is that you can adjust it in whatever way you like due to its adjustable sliding weight sole system and adjustable hosel. It has several settings to perfectly craft the shot shape you need for your game. 

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sleek design of the two-tone crown with an alignment aid that puts you right on target.

With further use, the signature Speed Pocket Technology becomes apparent, creating a club spin that produces astounding drives and reduces sidespin. No need to worry about dreaded hooks and slices with this club!

On the subject of versatility, there is a 30-gram weight on the sole of the M3 that moves back and forth along the slider. This is what you use to create a draw or fade depending on your preferred shot shape.

This can be changed before every hole, allowing you to accommodate your shot to the natural features of each. 

Another adjustable feature is the loft sleeve that attaches the hosel to the clubhead. This can be altered to increase the loft degree of the clubface for lower or higher shot flight. 

With all of these handy features, we consider the versatile TaylorMade M3 to be the best hybrid around.

Best Hybrid Iron Sets

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