Best Golf Training Aids


You know the feeling. Whatever you try, you can’t get past a certain point in your golfing, and it feels like you’re destined to stand still forever, never advancing because you’re just not quite good enough at some aspect of the game.

Maybe your swing is weak. Maybe you can’t get the speed you need. Maybe the grip that’s comfortable for you leads to slice after slice after slice. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re doing wrong, you just know it’s holding you back.

Don’t panic. There’s a whole industry of golf training aids out there to help you overcome these speed bumps on your way to your best golfing life.

But then…there are so many different golf training aids, how are you supposed to pick the ones that will genuinely help you from the snake oil?

Relax – consider us your caddy. We can hand you the five best golf training aids on the market right now, to cover all kinds of golfing quirks.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.


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There’s a degree of “What the heck?” involved in our top pick – the SelfieGolf Record Golf Swing, but it makes sense if you think the process through.

If you have a pain in your arm, you don’t go out and buy a pain reliever at random, right? You go to your doctor, get them to take a look, and tell you precisely what’s wrong, so they can prescribe the cure or the solution.

The SelfieGolf Record Swing Cell Phone Clip is the doctor you need for your golf.

Sure, you can self-diagnose all you like, but the chances are that a) you’re only going to recognize some parts of the problem, and b) you may diagnose it incorrectly.

The SelfieGolf Clip can show you precisely what’s wrong with your swing, your stance, your grip – especially if you use it in partnership with a club pro.

So what is it? Arguably, it’s simpler and more straightforward than anything else on our list.

It’s a clip. Just a clip. You take a stand-up selfie stick around with you. You clip the SelfieGolf onto the stick and set up your smartphone. You set the video recording going, and then you take your shot as normal.

With the help of the SelfieGolf Clip, what you then have is video evidence of what you actually do every time you swing, or putt.

Evidence you can play for the club pro, rather than trying to describe from your subjective point of view what you do right and what you do wrong.

Simple video evidence cuts through all that subjectivity and gets you on the road to improving your golf in a hurry.


  • This simple clip allows you to take video footage of your golf from any angle you like
  • It cuts through the subjective reporting to which we’re all prone
  • The clip can help any club pro target specific areas of your play, to improve your game faster – and probably for less cost – than would be possible from your recollection alone


  • Some people will claim the clip doesn’t qualify as a golf aid because it’s the smartphone that records the evidence for action.


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Let’s talk tempo.

Tempo is one of the most overlooked elements of an effective golf swing, and yet most professionals have worked to develop a 3:1 tempo. That simply means your backswing should take three times as long as your downswing.

How hard is that, right?

You’d be surprised. It’s incredibly easy to overthink tempo, especially if you’re familiar with the work of pro golfers, whose swing seems to be the aggressive downswing and the huge whack of power on contact.

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip trainer helps ease you out of that overthinking loop, and out of emulation of pros before you have the skills to make their strokes work for you.

Make your stroke work for you. The SKLZ trainer is small and portable, which means you can have it with you almost anywhere and get some practice in.

While it’s fundamentally designed to help you work towards that perfect swing ratio, the grip trainer is a built-in extra that helps you find the right way to hold your club.

As a quick, simple training tool, it makes itself agreeable to your lifestyle, so you can practice your swing away from the course, and aren’t doomed to only practice your swings in real-time when they could cost you shots or distance.


  • This is a simple, portable tool that can go anywhere with you
  • It can save you money, time, and heartache by freeing you from practicing your swing on the course
  • The grip-trainer is a built-in extra, so you get two aids for the price of one


  • Some golfers find the practice all well and good, but difficult to translate from a small training aid to a full-size club


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The orange whip is another swing trainer, but unlike the SKLZ tempo trainer, it’s a full-size practice aid.

It’s also been voted the #1 training aid on the market by both PGA Tour and LPGA professions, so it comes with a decent amount of professional backing.

That’s always going to be a confidence booster when you’re deciding which aids to buy.

You get immediate feedback from the Orange Whip – any wobble on the shaft and you know your balance and your tempo need work.

It also gives you a straightforward goal – eliminate the wobble, and do it consistently, and you’re good to go.

That simplicity in a full-size aid has brought the Orange Whip a lot of success.

Like the SKLZ tempo trainer, you can take it almost anywhere, though you will need more room to train with the Orange Whip because of its more realistic size.

Arguably though, it also gives you a more realistic and easily transferable result in your swing.

The more you train to get your tempo to that golden 3:1 ratio, the more instinctive it will be when you get out on the course – and the more you’ll send shock and awe into the hearts of your opponents when you reveal your newly-honed tempo.


  • As a full-size aid, the results you get with this tempo trainer are directly applicable on the course
  • The mechanism and feedback are simple to understand and easy to adjust to
  • It’s been named the #1 aid on the market by PGA and LPGA stars


  • You need quite some space to safely practice with the Orange Whip


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The Izzo Smooth Swing is less a tempo trainer than it is a form perfector. It’s a simple tool to help make sure that your arms are engaged during the backswing.

Given that it aims to correct your position somewhat manually, the Izzo is rather more hands-on in its correction than the tempo trainers we’ve featured.

You slip it on over your forearms, and when you make your practice swings, it will keep your arms in sync during the backswing.

If you usually have trouble with a rogue elbow that sets the smoothness of your downswing on the wrong track, using the Izzo Smooth Swing repeatedly should help to train you out of that imperfect position, and give you the swing you want.

More to the point, it will give you the swing you may well believe you’ve always had, so any mystery issues with your swing might well ‘magically’ disappear when your form is correct.

Unlike most of the tempo trainers, this swing form corrector lets you use it while hitting real golf balls, so you’ll get maximum veracity of feedback from using it, and also immediate feedback on your issue and its correction.

Another useful element of the Izzo Smooth Swing is that it can be used by both left and right-handed golfers, and comes in a stretchable, one-size-fits-all version.

That means if the whole family are golfers, there’s no reason why one Izzo couldn’t help them all.


  • The Izzo Smooth Swing corrects the often-undiagnosed rogue elbow on the backswing, giving you an improved downswing
  • One size fits all, whether they’re left or right-handed
  • You can use this trainer while hitting golf balls, for maximum useful feedback


  • Can feel restrictive when training


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If your speed of swing is fine, but you’re still getting hampered or mediocre results, it could be down to your swing path.

Swing from too far inside – or too far outside – and you’ll get an unclear connection and a potentially messed-up shot.

That’s what the EyeLine Speed Trap 1.0 exists to correct.
Made of a deceptively simple hitting mat and four foam pegs, the EyeLine is designed to help you focus during the early part of your downswing, so you hit the ball with a better, fuller contact.

It can be used by both left and right-handed golfers and helps to train your instincts to come too far over the top on your downswing into submission, for better swings on the course.

While it’s primarily designed to help newer golfers, you can still use this to your benefit as you become more and more proficient.

And, unusually, it’s useful not only for wood and iron-style swings – you can use it to perfect your chips and pitches too.


  • A simple design can help you counter erroneous instincts to come in over the top
  • It can still be of use to more and more proficient golfers
  • It’s not limited to one type of shot, but can be used to train your chips and pitches too


  • It’s a relatively stationary aid, compared to some that you can take with you anywhere

Best Golf Training Aids Buying Guide

When buying a golf training aid, keep a few things in mind.

Know Your Golfing Self

Be sure you’ve got a viable diagnosis of what your golfing issues really are, or you could find yourself paying out for aids that don’t address those issues, on the basis that all help is useful

Tailor the aid to your lifestyle

If you have a choice between a full-size tempo aid that needs some room and a miniature version that you can use anywhere, assess which fits better with your lifestyle before you click the ‘Buy’ button.


If you’re going to buy a golf aid – or golf aids – make sure you use them. Your performance doesn’t get better just because you spent money.

Make sure you choose an aid that you can envisage using regularly to improve your golf, or you’ve just wasted your cash.

Best Golf Training Aids - FAQ's

How do I know which golfing aid is right for me?

Ideally, you need an assessment by a professional, because you might not have enough understanding to identify what you’re doing wrong.

If you can present the professional with video evidence of your swings, it will save them time – and probably save you money into the bargain.

What are the best golf training aids?

The ones that help you address the issues you have. We’ve collected our top five – some are super simple, some are raved about by PGA stars, and many of them deliver corrections to different areas of your golf.

There are many more out there, and some may help you, even though they’re not on our list. If you swing like a professional, but can’t nail your putts, you’ll need a putting aid, rather than anything that helps with your swing.

The only real landmark for the best training aids is whether or not your golf performance and scores improve after using them.

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