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In the past, pushing a clunky, heavy framed golf cart down the fairway has been an energy-sapping activity. In fact, studies have shown that the effort exerted carrying a bag or pushing a heavy cart around for a round of golf can increase your score by at least two shots per round. 

However, electric golf trolleys can be expensive so investing in a high-quality modern push cart is often the best option.

These are far removed from the thick and clunky models of the past, and can help prevent back and knee injuries.

They’re also lighter and much easier to compactly fold away than electric trolleys, so ideal if you’re looking for something you can leave in your car or store in your garage between rounds.

With so many different golf carts to choose from on the market, picking the right one to suit your individual needs can become a little overwhelming though.

So to make things easier for you, we’ve done some of the hard work.

Below you’ll find a selection of five of the best push carts available on the market.

We’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide to further remove any potential confusion when selecting the best-suited cart for you. 


The first cart on this list is the four-wheel CaddyTek Explorer V8 which is a fantastic option in terms of its high dependability and reliability. This quick-folding golf cart is also excellent in its design and construction with an adjustable handle and secure handling. 

The V8 comes equipped with a simple two latch mechanism for instant folding into a compact size of fewer than 24” in length and just over 16” in width.

This is extremely handy for easy storage in a car. The product’s 10.5” rear and 9.5” front wheels also enable golfers to effortlessly maneuver the cart on all types of terrain. 

This cart has a number of other desirable features for golfers of all ability levels, including an umbrella holder, a scorecard holder with a convenient storage compartment, and several other spaces to safely store items such as cell phones and GPS devices.

There’s also a mesh net basket on the handle which is ideal for your keys and wallet. 

Overall, this is a great product for golfers that prioritize stability and want a four-wheel cart that’s both high in quality and provides impressive reliability. It’s certainly a cart that deserves some consideration. 


  • Ease of use - simple two latch system makes this cart one of the easiest on the market to quickly fold into a compact size after use on the course. 
  • Adjustable - product comes equipped with an adjustable handle height for multiple pushing positions. The width between the two front wheels can also be adjusted in order to fit the size of most golf bags. 
  • Storage - several storage compartments ideal for phone, keys and wallet, as well as specifically-designed holders for umbrellas and scorecards. 
  • Maneuverability - stable four-wheel design enables golfers to effortlessly push the cart on all types of terrain. A foot brake is also included. 


  • Top-heavy - the product comes out of the box with a narrow wheel base which can cause it to be on the top-heavy side. It’s worth noting however, that this can be fixed with the cart’s adjustable front wheel feature. 
  • Holding clip - a number of users have reported a malfunctioning holding clip on the frame of the cart. 


Sun Mountain has a reputation for providing some of the best golf carts and bags on the market and their Speed Cart GX is another excellent product. Just like the CaddyTek V8, the GX folds in two simple steps for quick and easy storage in your vehicle. 

The three-wheel base offered by this product is sufficient in width to provide not only a smooth rolling experience on level surfaces, but also impressive handling and stability over some of the roughest terrain.

A highly-efficient handbrake also enhances the control and safety of the cart. 

Perhaps the best feature of the GX is its redesigned handle which provides plenty of space for a large tray. Therefore, you can easily store all your equipment and accessories without having to worry.

There’s also two adjustable heavy-duty mesh baskets which are handy for holding items such as water bottles, golf balls, or a waterproof coat. 

In terms of its weight, the GX only weighs around 18 pounds, making it light enough for even junior golfers to comfortably handle during their rounds. 


  • Storage - redesigned handle provides space for a larger mesh tray. Further storage is offered by dual heavy-duty mesh baskets ideal for carrying essential items. 
  • Construction - built-in bracket can hold the Sun Mountain Speed Cart seat or another off-brand seat 
  • Stability - three-wheel base provides excellent stability on some of the rougher terrain. Efficient handbrake also offers added security. 
  • Weight - super-lightweight product so suitable for all golfers, even junior players. 


  • Balance - according to a few users, the cart has a tendency to slightly pull to the right. 


The Qwik-Fold 3 is another three-wheel cart that provides excellent reliability. As the name suggests, this product is designed to open and fold within a second.

This is due to a Patented bullet-system technology that allows the cart to open and close in one simple step. Once folded into its storage shape, the cart measures just under 30” in length and around 16” in width. 

This model from Qwik-Fold is built with a strong, lightweight and durable aluminum frame which ensures the golf cart is easily maneuverable and well streamlined.

In terms of aesthetics, the cart has an attractive finish that coordinates nicely with just about any golf bag. The Qwik-Fold 3 is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfort.

Unlike the previous two golf carts, this product doesn’t have as many additional features that are worth writing home about. The features that are provided are pretty standard, including an adjustable umbrella holder, as well as compartments for a cup and tee.  


  • Ease of use - patented bullet-system technology allows the cart to open and close quickly in one simple step. 
  • Construction - aircraft grade aluminum provides the cart with a super-strong, lightweight and sturdy frame. 
  • Braking - patented foot-brake system allows you to simply tap the brake with your foot to engage the brake, then tap again to release the brake. 
  • Comfort - ergonomic handle is a nice touch to provide added comfort. 


  • Quality - several users have reported that the cart doesn’t roll straight, and that the product’s fixed front wheel makes it difficult to easily change direction. 
  • Storage - limited storage space compared to other carts on the market, with some customers stating the space isn’t even enough to store an iPhone device. 


The second offering from CaddyTek on this list is their three-wheel CaddyLite V3 model. This product is a simple and traditional cart, but with a host of useful features that would be more commonly found on a more expensive model.

In comparison to the previous three carts, the CaddyLite V3 can be folded into a compact square for easy storage. Its wheels are equipped with ball bearings for smooth rolling and the ability to handle tough terrain.

The cart also has a foot brake to lock the cart in place wherever you need to on the course.

Perhaps the best features of the CaddyLit V3 include its ergonomic padded and adjustable handle with four pushing positions, and the cart’s patented bag holder which fits clubs easily and securely.

Both features demonstrate the high-quality nature of the product. 

For those who regularly ride inside a cart, it’s worth noting that many push carts such as the CaddyLite V3 are designed to mainly carry lightweight stand bags.

So if you’re looking to transition to a push cart, make sure you don’t have a heavyweight bag that may overwhelm carts such as the CaddyLite V3. 


  • Compact - product can be folded compactly for easy storage, fitting in the majority of car trunks. 
  • Handle - ergonomic adjustable handle provides four different pushing positions. 
  • Maneuverability - automatic front wheel alignment mechanism helps keep the cart running smoothly between shots. 
  • Stability - foot brake helps stabilize and lock the cart in place, especially handy for downhill shots. 


  • Lightweight - the cart is unlikely to be able to hold the weight of heavier bags without tipping over. 


The final golf cart on this list is the Tangkula Push Cart with Seat. As a brand, Tangkula is known for producing lightweight and highly reliable carts, and this model is no different. 

As stated by its name, the cart comes equipped with a comfortable and adjustable seat that allows golfers to relax whilst out on the course.

The nine-inch seat is incredibly useful, especially when used in combination with the umbrella holder, providing a shaded area for anyone who needs a little rest. 

In terms of design, the cart boasts a muscular steel frame that can be folded into a compact size without too much effort. To further aid quick disassembly, the three wheels can all be removed.

This is similarly useful for long-term storage. The cart also has two-foot brakes that are great for instilling confidence in the security and safety of the product. 

Some of the other notable features provided by the Tangkula Push Cart include an ergonomic adjustable handle to suit different height requirements, an extra storage net on the handle for storing personal items, and a couple of cup holders for carrying your water bottles. 


  • Design - lightweight design has a steel frame which provides a strong structure and impressive load-bearing capacity. 
  • Adjustable - ergonomic handle offers four adjustable positions to fit different golfers, improving ease of use. 
  • Comfort - nine-inch soft PU leather padded stool provides a comfortable seat for a rest between holes. 
  • Storage - removable wheels enable the cart to be stored easily. 
  • Stability - two-foot brakes make stopping and locking the cart extremely easy. 


  • Size - this cart is slightly bigger than most of the other models on the market, especially when folded up, so if you want a streamlined golf cart, this seated model may be a little too much. 

Buyer’s Guide

Ultimately, as with all golf equipment, personal preference will have a decisive role in your decision-making process. However, it’s worth taking into account a few other factors to ensure you get the best golf cart for your individual needs. 

Below we’ll take a closer look at some of these important areas to focus on when finding the best-suited cart for you.

Giving a little extra thought to these will hopefully help steer you towards the perfect option, saving you both time and effort in the long run. 

Best Golf Carts

Size and ease of use

This is a hugely important factor to consider as the last thing you want is a golf cart that’s continually a source of frustration due to its size or difficulty to use.

Ideally, your cart will be light and stress-free to travel with, and be compact enough to be easily stored in either your home or garage.

After all, not everyone drives a big truck and lives in a mansion - space is a premium. The best models on the market can be quickly folded into a compact shape after use on the course. 


One of the best reasons to invest in a good golf push cart is the extra storage for your equipment and other essentials.

You’ll ideally want a cart that can not only hold your clubs, golf gloves, and extra clothing, but also one that has secure compartments to safely store your phone, wallet and keys. 

When taking a look at some of your preferred options, it’s worth considering the storage options available on each cart and imagining where you’d store the likes of your scorecard and pencil, your umbrella on a rainy day, and where you’d keep your refreshments to remain energized through the round. 


As with all golf products, you get what you pay for in terms of durability with high quality materials. Generally, the more expensive carts are built with better materials, so will likely last longer. Some of the most durable frames are constructed with steel and aluminum. 

At the end of the day, you want a golf cart for the long-term, so we believe it’s fully worth paying extra and investing in a high-quality, durable model.

If you decide to save some money and go for a golf cart with a shorter lifespan, you’ll end up spending more money further down the line on a replacement. 

Braking system

Getting a cart with an effective braking system is important. The last thing you want to see is your cart racing down a hill due to a faulty braking system. It goes without saying, higher end models with the best braking systems are essential if you regularly play on courses with significant hills. 

Most golf push carts have either a hand brake handle or a foot brake that locks the front wheel. While both are reliable braking systems, it’s always worth double checking the cart is fully stabilized and locked before walking to your ball or the green. 

It’s reasonably cheap to replace the brakes on a standard golf push cart, but you can quite easily extend their longevity by taking good care of them. One simple method of doing this is looking for flatter surfaces to park your cart. This minimizes the strain on the brakes. 


One of the biggest differentiators from cart to cart is the number of wheels they have. Traditionally, golf carts used to have two, but recently three-wheel and four-wheel models have come to the forefront. 

Three-wheel carts are great for navigating rough terrain and provide good versatility. On the opposite side of the coin, four-wheelers provide greater stability and are less likely to topple over with a heavier load.

It’s also worth noting that four-wheel carts don’t possess as strong  maneuverability as their three-wheel counterparts. 

When shopping for the right choice for you, be sure to weigh up the pros and cons of each option. It’s an important decision that’ll ultimately shape the way you use your cart. 


While it’s not typical for all push carts, a number of models come equipped with a seat or stool. Take the Tangkula Push Cart for example. These seats are perfect for taking a short rest between shots or having a longer break for a snack between holes. 

Not only are seats great for taking a breather and clearing your mind, they also provide notable physical benefits too.

Most of them are made from comfortable padded leather so ideal for resting your lower back and keeping your muscles energized for the rest of the round. Once you’ve bought a golf cart with a seat, you’ll never look back. 


With so many different options of golf push carts available on the market, there’s a high level of competition between different companies to provide the best, cutting-edge product.

Some of the latest carts are so high-tech that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been designed by Tesla. 

Gone are the days where the added features were simply a handle and a place to put your golf balls and scorecard.

The majority of golf carts are now equipped with accessories like an umbrella mount, adjustable handle and storage baskets. Opting for a golf cart without these features will limit your ability to tailor the cart to suit your specific needs. 

Remarkably, some models go one step further and provide super-advanced features such as matching coolers and smartphone holders. These models understandably come at a premium, and are perhaps unrealistic for the majority of golfers working to a tight budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a golf cart?

There are a number of reasons why owning a golf cart is so important for golfers. Firstly, it helps to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

The typical golf bag weighs between 17 to 30 pounds, so lugging that around for an entire round is going to tire you out and place a high strain on your muscles. 

Secondly, golf carts help you preserve energy so you can use it where it matters most. Regardless of how heavy or light your bag is, carrying it between the 18 holes is going to use a significant amount of energy.

Having a golf cart however, will allow you to cool down between holes and focus your energy solely on performance. 

A third reason why golf carts are essential is their ability to provide storage. After all, you’ll be wanting to carry a lot more than just your clubs.

Golf carts provide more than enough storage space to carry items such as umbrellas, golf gloves, extra clothing, as well as secure compartments for your phone, keys and wallet. 

Is it better to push or pull a golf cart?

Pushing a golf cart is much easier on the body, especially when using four-wheel carts. While the motion of pulling a golf cart still provides some physical benefits, it also creates imbalances in the body, which after an entire round, can cause a fair amount of soreness and pain.

Pushing the golf cart with both hands in a balanced and controlled manner therefore provides the smoothest and most beneficial experience for the golfer’s body.  

Is a push cart better than a riding golf cart?

This all depends on how you’re looking to compare the two. If you’re judging the two against one another in terms of the associated health benefits, then the push cart is the winner.

The best push golf carts provide golfers with a full-body exercise which is balanced and low-impact in nature. This type of workout is great for improving lung capacity as well as strengthening muscles in the core and lower body.

Riding golf carts provide some health benefits to golfers, because after all, you still have to walk to your shot and around the green. However, these benefits pale in comparison to the physical value of walking the entire course. 

Which is better, a 3-wheel or 4-wheel golf cart? 

The answer to this question varies from person to person. 3-wheel carts are more versatile and can navigate rougher terrain, while 4-wheels carts provide a more solid foundation.

For golfers that enjoy walking the course and are in good shape, 3-wheel carts are typically best-suited for their needs. On the other hand, 4-wheel carts provide a smoother and more stable walking experience so are great for senior and junior golfers. 

Are golf push carts permitted on every golf course?

No, so it’s important to double check with the golf club or establishment to see what their rules are. A quick call should provide all the information you need before you make your way to the course. 

Do golf push carts need maintenance?

Maintenance isn’t particularly expensive or time-consuming, but push carts do need a little bit of looking after during their lifetime. This usually involves the wheels, with some carts using tube-based ones which require inflation.

It’s recommended that if you decide to buy a push cart with inflatable tubed tires, that you also buy replacement tubes at the same time. This way you’ll have replacements on hand if needed. 

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