Best Golf Alignment Sticks

One of the first skills you will need to master when you take up golf as a sport is how to line up your body correctly in order to deliver the perfect swing and accurate shots. 

Learning how to align your body and the head of your club just right is trickier than it looks, and although it’s one of the most basic principles of golf, many beginners really struggle with this at first. 

You’d be amazed at how much difference correct (or incorrect) alignment can actually make to your game. If you continue to progress through the stages of practicing golf without mastering a proper line-up, your scores and handicap are likely to suffer significantly as a result. 

Luckily, there are some very simple and affordable tools on the golf market that have been designed specifically for the purpose of helping golfers to position themselves correctly leading up to a swing: golf alignment sticks! 

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the top golf alignment sticks that you can buy right now to kick your golf game up a notch. 

We’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about golf alignment sticks in our FAQ section down below, so be sure to check it out for more information!


In our opinion, the best alignment aids out of all the golf alignment sticks on the market are the Callaway Alignment Stix. 

Callaway is a big name in the golfing world and a trusted and well-loved brand amongst the golfing community. This, in itself, is reassuring because you can trust Callway to provide outstanding quality in everything from its high-end golf clubs to very basic products like this one. 

As you can see, these alignment sticks are bright yellow in color. While loud colors like this yellow aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that the brightness comes in useful for maintaining focus on the sticks during your lineup. 

The Callaway Alignment Stix are made of steel, which means that they are sufficiently weighted not to be blown away by an unexpected gust of wind on the course, as well as being very durable. These sticks will last you for many years if you treat them right. 

Both sticks that come in this pack are foldable, so when you’ve finished using them, you can pack them away in a matter of seconds for easy storage. 

Additionally, the alignment sticks come in a plastic storage tube that is lightweight yet protective and makes it even easier to transport your alignment aids to the golf course with the rest of your gear!

The only downside to these alignment sticks is that, because they are foldable down the middle, they can sometimes take a few tries to line up exactly straight. 


  • Trusted brand - Reliable quality 
  • Steel construction - Highly durable 
  • Brightly colored - Clear visibility 
  • Foldable - Easy storage 
  • Comes with storage tube - Ideal for protection and portability


  • May bend slightly at the middle - Require adjustment to keep straight 


The runner-up pick that we have chosen for our top 5 selection is the PrideSports Golf Alignment Stick. 

This pack of 2 foldable alignment sticks features metal collars over the collapsible areas to enhance durability and ensure a straight and perfect alignment. 

Because these sticks are collapsible into 4 pieces, they will easily fit into your golf bag or your designated storage area for the rest of your golf gear. 

Like our best overall pick, the PrideSports golf alignment sticks and colored bright yellow so that you won’t get distracted from your alignment target in the middle of a swing or even lose sight of where you positioned your sticks. 

Plus, the PrideSports alignment sticks come packaged in their own perfectly-sized, reusable plastic tube for practical transport and protection while in storage!

Unfortunately, though, the strings that hold the four segments of each stick together are not very strong and might break if handle roughly, so be sure to handle the sticks as carefully as possible and put them back into the storage tube as soon as you have finished using them. 


  • Metal collars - High durability 
  • Bright yellow - Easy to see 
  • Collapsible - Practical storage 
  • Storage tube included - Easy to transport


  • Fragile strings - Handle carefully 


Another impressive set of golf alignment sticks that we would definitely recommend to any golfer are the Golf Training Edge Golf Alignment Sticks by Shaun Webb.  

First and foremost, you’ll notice that these golf alignment sticks are endorsed by Shaun Webb, who acts as the Director of Instruction at the David Toms Academy and founder of Athletic Motion Golf. Endorsement by a professional golfer is an excellent sign of functionality and quality.  

These golf alignment sticks are bright red for easy visibility. The black rubber tips on the ends of the sticks make them more non-slip for more reliable and ergonomic use.  

The sticks are collapsible and fit perfectly in the plastic storage tube provided, so you can keep them safe in storage and easily carry them to and from your golf sessions.  

However, these alignment sticks are on the shorter side, so if you struggle to fully visualize the path of your shot, they may not be the ideal choice for you.  


  • Shaun Webb model - Endorsed by professional golfer 
  • Collapsible - Convenient for storage 
  • Bright red - Easy to keep sight of 
  • Rubber tips - Non-slip
  • Storage tube provided - Easy portability


  • Not very long - May be more difficult for some golfers to use


The MPV Sport A Swing Alignment Rods by David Leadbetter are a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their posture and swing. 

David Leadbetter is a world-class golf instructor, so if you’re looking for a trustworthy endorsement of golfing aids, you need look no further!

The fiberglass construction of these alignment rods makes them impressively durable but also ensures that they are lightweight so that they won’t feel cumbersome to carry to and around the golf course. 

These rods are also UV-coated to prevent the fiberglass from fading due to damage from the sun’s UV rays. 

Moreover, the instructional booklet provided with the purchase of these alignment sticks makes this a fantastic investment for beginner golfers because it provides visual and explanatory instructions for different drills. With the help of these sticks and the included booklet, you’ll be lining your swings up like a pro in no time!

However, please be aware that customers have reported some inconsistencies in terms of the design of the product being sent. Some customers have received sticks with pointed ends for inserting into the ground, while others have not. 


  • David Leadbetter design - Professionally endorsed 
  • Fiberglass construction - Lightweight and durable 
  • UV-coated - No fading from UV damage
  • Instruction booklet included - Great for learning drills


  • Inconsistent construction - Some include pointed ends while others don’t


The Golf Alignment Sticks from Tour Sticks are some of the most popular golf alignment aids on the market, and we can understand why!

Like our fourth-place choice, these sticks are made from fiberglass, ensuring wear resistance and strength without compromising on lightweight construction. This means that the sticks are very durable but also won’t weigh you down as you move around the golf course. 

Another similarity between these sticks and the ones we reviewed above is that they feature UV coating for protection against fading. They also come with an instruction leaflet so that beginners can easily get to grips with the key drills needed to learn how to line up shots. 

One end of each stick is pointed, so when you’re not actively using the sticks, you can simply plant them into the grass for better space efficiency rather than leaving them lying around on the ground. 

However, these sticks are not collapsible, so golfers may find them more cumbersome to transport than other alignment aids. 


  • Fiberglass - Strong, wear-resistant, and lightweight 
  • UV-coated - Minimized fading damage
  • One pointed end - Easy to plant in the ground between uses 
  • Included instructional leaflet - Guidance for beginners


  • Not collapsible - Not the most portable choice 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need golf alignment sticks? 

Whether or not you would like to use golf alignment sticks to help you line up your swings and shots is entirely up to you. 

Some golfers swear by golf alignment sticks for helping them to master consistency in their swing. Others find them unnecessary. 

What we would say, however, is that if you’re a beginner to the sport or a high-handicap golfer, you will more than likely find using alignment sticks to be beneficial in terms of guiding your swing, which can be one of the hardest things to get right when you’re starting out.

How do you use golf alignment sticks? 

If you’ve read through this article and are still scratching your head trying to figure out exactly how alignment sticks are supposed to be used, don’t worry! It’s actually very simple, and you’ll get the hang of positioning your sticks correctly in no time. 

Alignment sticks usually come in sets of 2 because a pair of sticks are needed to mark out the proper alignment. 

First, position one stick behind your ball, pointing in the direction of your target. The other stick will need to be positioned parallel to the first, next to where your feet will be positioned. 

Positioning the sticks like this will help to ensure that your feet are correctly lined up to your larget line, which is absolutely key if you don’t want your shot to curve away from your intended target due to the alignment of your hips and shoulders. 

There are other positional drills you can try with alignment sticks. If you want to find out more about these, we recommend purchasing a pair of alignment sticks that come with an instructional booklet of drills. 

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