Best Clone Golf Clubs

Golf may be a popular sport with a lot of physical and mental benefits, but getting into golf as a beginner can often end up being more expensive than anticipated. 

Many prospective golfers underestimate the cost of the equipment needed for the sport, from golf clubs and balls to a golf bag and, of course, the correct apparel. 

Golf clubs, especially, can be very costly when you focus on big-name brands. Nothing turns a fun hobby into an anxiety-filled drag like the prospect of blowing so much of your hard-earned savings on a single purchase. 

Luckily, you don’t actually have to put yourself out of pocket to get your hands on a good-quality set of golf clubs. There are plenty of clone golf clubs on the market that mimic the construction, performance, and even aesthetics of some of the most popular golf club brands. 

Of course, a clone golf club won’t perform at exactly the same high level as a premium golf club from a well-known brand, but clone clubs can be excellent starter investments for beginners and those working to a budget. 

Read on to check out our list of the top 5 best clone golf clubs money can buy! Don’t forget to scroll down and take a look at our tailored FAQ section if you have any further queries. 


In our opinion, the best clone golf clubs currently available on the golfing market are the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons.  

These irons are available either individually or as a set. The sets vary in quantity, from a 2-piece set of 2 and 3 irons to a 7-piece set featuring 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons along with a pitching wedge. Therefore, these clubs are very flexible in terms of purchase and application.  

Where construction is concerned, the LAZRUS golf irons definitely stand out from amongst the competition.  

The shafts are made from steel alloy, which provides both excellent strength and fantastic value for money. Steel shafts, such as you might find on brand-name golf clubs, provide exceptional consistency and durability. Alloy steel delivers in the same areas, although it’s cheaper than standard-grade stainless steel, so while it performs equally well, you won’t be paying such a high price.  

The flex of the LAZRUS golf club shafts is rated as regular, which is ideal for beginner golfers who might still have a slower swing speed. Regular flex shafts help maximize the distance generated by a slow swing, enhancing long-distance performance.  

Moving onto the faces of the clubs, the deep grooves etched into the clubfaces enhance the amount of control you’ll get over each shot. The purpose of these grooves is to draw debris, water, and other contaminants away from the outer face of the club so that they don’t affect energy transfer at the point of contact between the club head and the ball.  

Even better, these clubs come with a risk-free returns policy, so if you don’t like what you see on arrival, you can simply return the clubs, no questions asked, at no extra cost to yourself.  

The only downside we found with the LAZRUS clubs is that the heads seem to be slightly disproportionately weighted compared to the shafts, which can make swinging feel awkward or clumsy at first. This is something that improves as you get used to the feel of the clubs, though.  


  • Steel alloy shaft - Cost-effective, durable, and consistent 
  • Deep face grooves - Better control
  • Regular flex - Good for slower swing speeds 
  • Available individually or as a set - Flexible purchase 
  • Risk-free returns - No-risk purchase


  • Clubheads feel heavy - May be difficult to swing at first


In second place, we’ve chosen the Precise M5 Complete set of golf clubs as our runner-up pick.

They’re suitable for both senior golfers and beginners alike and many reviewers found them to be a great alternative to high-end hybrid sets, making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for some affordable clone clubs. .

This is an 8-piece club set, so it contains everything you need to get started. As mentioned above, these are hybrid clubs, which benefit from qualities of both woods and irons. The driver is particularly forgiving and versatile, and you can easily hit a good 250 with it.

The putter is a little on the heavier side, which can take some getting used to. But it’s great quality and performs well after some practice. Each club is fitted with a non-slip rubber grip, making them suitable for inexperienced golfers.

These clubs are advertised as being suitable for taller men (over 6ft). However, many reviewers claim they perform just fine for those who are a few inches shorter.

Included in the set, you will find a large stand bag complete with straps and spacious pockets. You’ll also get three matching head covers, to protect your clubs when transporting them.


  • 8 pieces - Full set
  • Hybrid design - Better distance and versatility
  • Black graphite shafts - Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing
  • Non-slip rubber grips - Suitable for beginners
  • Large bag and headcovers included - Added protection


  • May not be suitable for shorter people - These are designed for people 6ft and above.


Clone golf clubs will invariably be cheaper than big brand-name golf clubs, but there’s still some variety in clone club prices. If you’re really looking to save money, these Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid clubs are both budget-friendly and high-quality.  

Like our previous pick, these are hybrid clubs, so you can rely on them to provide excellent versatility and improve your swing for more accurate shots.  

Another similarity between these clubs and our runner-up pick is that they have graphite shafts, which are easy to handle due to their lightness and can drastically improve the speed of your swing.  

Something we noticed and loved about the clubheads on these hybrids is that the weight is perfectly distributed across the clubface, which extends the ‘sweet spot’ and makes the club much more forgiving, especially for high handicap golfers.  

And the value for money for this set gets even better when you consider that the clubs also come with individual headcovers, so you’re getting extra protection at no extra cost. 

However, some customers have reported not receiving the full set of clubs that they ordered, with some half-sets seemingly being mistakenly sent instead of full sets. These are isolated incidents, but be sure to keep the company’s customer support contacts on hand just in case. 


  • 8 pieces - Complete set 
  • Hybrid models - Enhanced versatility and swing 
  • Graphite shafts - Ease of use and faster swings 
  • Balanced clubhead weight - Forgiving sweet spot 
  • Headcovers included - Additional protection


  • Some reports of incorrect orders - Isolated incidents of half-orders being sent 


Senior golfers often have different club requirements from younger golfers. While the Majek K5 clubs we chose as our runner-up pick are technically senior clubs, these Hybrid clubs from iDrive are perfectly suited to senior golfers of all abilities. 

The iDrive hybrids benefit from a hybrid design, which delivers a faster swing and more forgiveness in the clubface area. They also provide a much easier launch experience thanks to the senior flex of the shafts. 

The shafts are made of black graphite, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also lightweight for easier handling. 

Moreover, the shafts are fitted with oversized, arthritic grips for enhanced comfort and a firmer grip. 

However, the clubfaces are relatively easy to scratch and mark, so be sure to handle these clubs with care if you want to keep them looking newer for longer. 


  • 8-piece - Full set 
  • Senior flex - Easier launch
  • Hybrid construction - Better swing and forgiving club faces
  • Black graphite shafts - Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing 
  • Arthritic grips - Comfortable and inclusive


  • Easily scratched - Handle with care 


Finally, this set of irons from Tour Edge beats the rest of the competition to our highly commended spot. 

Built with stainless steel shafts for superb durability, consistency, and control, these clubs feel great to play with. They’re not too heavy, although they provide enough of a weighty feel to be satisfying. 

The shallow face design of the clubheads, which also feature wide, weighted soles and rear-inverted crowns, allows for impressive loft, while the undercut cavities are super forgiving, making it much harder to miss a shot completely. 

These clubs have been constructed using toe weight technology, which has the effect of widening the clubface’s sweet spot. Again, this contributes to these clubs’ high levels of forgiveness, so if you’re a high handicap player, these irons might be exactly what you need to improve your game! 

One thing that might bother some golfers, however, is that these clubs provide very little sound on impact, so they don’t deliver much feedback. 


  • Soft stainless steel shafts - Consistent control
  • Shallow face design - Better loft 
  • Undercut cavity - Very forgiving 
  • Toe weight technology - Bigger sweet spot


  • Not much feedback - Quiet impact sound 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are cheap golf clubs any good?

You can definitely find high-quality, affordable golf clubs on the clone club market. 

Although you shouldn’t expect quite the same level of durability, construction quality, and performance from a more affordable clone club as you would from a Carraway club, for example, you can still find a clone club model that enhances your game and lasts you a long time. 

Are name-brand golf clubs better?

Brand names and high prices aren’t always an indication of high quality or even good performance. 

Although you can generally expect to receive better quality in a $700 golf club set compared to a $200 set, oftentimes, with name-brand golf clubs, you’re paying for the brand as much as for the actual quality. 

The best way to determine whether a name-brand golf club is of better quality than a clone club or a club from a lesser-known company is to do thorough research into the reputations of both manufacturers and look into customer testimonials. This will give you a sense of customer satisfaction and an unbiased perspective on performance and quality.

Does the quality of golf clubs matter?

The quality of your golf clubs definitely matters if you’re serious about improving your game and developing your skills as a golfer. 

However, as we’ve mentioned in this article, it’s important not to confuse quality with high pricing. 

Moreover, a very high-quality golf club might not actually be what you need if you’re a complete beginner. Pro-level golf clubs manufactured with all the latest technology can be more difficult for beginners to handle and, in many cases, actually hinder progress. 

So, if you’re a complete golfing beginner, don’t worry about investing in the highest quality golf clubs straight away. For now, find yourself some decent, affordable clubs and focus on improving your technique. Eventually, when you’ve honed your skills, you can think about investing in some higher-quality clubs to push your game even further. 

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