Best Brands Of Golf Equipment

Whether you’ve recently discovered the beauty of heading out to the green or you’re a seasoned pro, you want to be getting the best quality gear for the game, right?

It can be hard to know where to shop - there are so many different brands, all of them claiming to be the best, each with a more impressive celebrity sponsor.

Not to worry - we’ve got you covered here, with a list of the best-loved labels on the market, as determined by players like you around the world.

Focusing on clubs, balls, and shoes, we’re covering just about everything you’d need to play your best par yet.

Best Golf Brands - A Quick List 

Want to spend less time reading and more time shopping? Here’s some to go away and check out, without the explanatory spiel:

  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • Adidas
  • ECCO
  • Skechers
  • Vice Pro
  • PING
  • Mizuno Golf Europe
  • Cobra Golf
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Under Armour
  • TaylorMade Golf
  • Oddysey Golf

Best Brands Of Golf Clubs

Rather than just giving you a list of popular names, this information is taken directly from an esteemed judge of panelists, all of whom know exactly what makes a good quality club.

So without further ado, according to the latest World Golf Awards, the companies in the running for World’s Best Golf Club Brand were as follows:


Perhaps one of the biggest brands in the world, Callaway’s golf clubs has been popular since the 1980s with big stars like Henrick Stenson, Xander Schauffele and Francesco Molinari wielding them, to name just a few.

As a company, they cater for professional players and amateurs alike; their latest range of Mavrik clubs, for instance, are more forgiving than ever, with the Mavrik Max, in particular, being marketed towards those with a medium-high handicap.

Ever since 1991 when they introduced their famous Big Bertha driver, Callaway has been recognized as a reputable brand that crafts some genuinely decent, long-lasting clubs - it’s well worth having one in your bag.

Cobra Golf

Despite being owned by Puma, the German sportswear brand, Cobra Golf originated in the 1970s out of California, creating some of the very first hybrid - also known as a utility - clubs on the market, as well as a range of larger than average irons.

Their A-list clientele includes Lexi Thompson, Rickie Fowler and Jason Dufner; as well as making some perfect irons for pros, they serve the world of amateur players as well, dominating the market with their oversized clubs back in the 1990s.

It’s also worth noting if you’re a player with a lower handicap who prefers a forged club - those made using the same piece of metal from start to finish - for whatever reason, Cobra Golf has a range of beautiful forges to check out.

Mizuno Golf Europe

Brace yourself - Mizuno golf clubs are some of the most stunning works of art you’ll ever hit a ball with, but they are also mighty expensive! Designed for a better class of players (in terms of skill, not finances!) they make some gorgeous forged clubs.

Don’t be cocky, either; unless you’re in the single digits, the low single digits, then a Mizuno club isn’t for you. Try shelling out for one and seeing how disappointed you are when you still aren’t very good at golf yet!

Pros on their player roster include Luke Donald, Keith Mitchel, Erika Hara and Adrien Saddier, so you know you’re looking at some seriously good quality craftsmanship here. Just be prepared to wince when you pay.


Although you might think Nike is best known for their shoes, as opposed to their sports equipment, you might be surprised to learn that Nike golf clubs are still pretty popular across a variety of players.

Although they haven’t produced new clubs for a while, their existing pieces are still appreciated. For instance, Tony Finau continues to use a Vapor Pro 3, where Kevin Chappell wields a VR Pro Combo and Maverick McNealy a VR Pro blade.

Their success probably stems from Tiger Woods’ 1996 deal with Nike, who back then was considered one of the best and most beloved players in the world - though in spite of his fall from grace, their clubs continue to be used regularly. 

Odyssey Golf 

As their official website states, Odyssey putters have been responsible for 741 worldwide tour wins, 115 PGA tour wins and over $750 million in winnings for professional players. So yeah, they’re pretty good.

Webb Simpson, Tommy Fleetwood and Xander Schauffele are amongst the pros who continually use Odyssey putters; it’s actually said that as a brand, they are responsible for four in every ten sold… across the world. Which is a lot.

Unlike most brands, who tend to stick to serving low, medium or high handicappers or somewhere in between, Odyssey offers a club for everyone, no matter their ability. Theirs is one online store that’s absolutely worth having a look at.


Renowned for making clubs for those looking to improve their game, usually with higher than average handicaps, Ping is fantastic if you’ve only just begun collecting your set. They’re well known as some of the most forgiving out there.

Although there aren’t that many pros using them, Bubba Watson and Tony Finau are both known to carry Ping clubs. Fantastic at correcting natural hits that swing off-center and proferring plenty of power, they’re an excellent choice for newbies.

Particularly popular is their G400 series, the latest of which is the G410s, imbued with straight flight technology and an easy launching head that will send your balls further than they’ve ever been.

TaylorMade Golf

Having made waves with their original steel driver all the way back in 1979, TaylorMade has long been a popular club brand, so it’s no surprise that they continue to be nominated for this prestigious award. 

With PGA tour veterans like Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler and John Rahm repping their clubs, they’re arguably just as well loved amongst professionals as they are everyday players amateurs, which should give you some idea of their quality.

If you weren’t sold already, TaylorMade is regularly changing the game with their innovative design and golfing technology, continuously improving your ability to get the greatest distance and accuracy possible.


You may be more familiar with Titleist as the manufacturer of their Pro V1 golf ball. It has long been a staple for a good chunk of players on the PGA golf tour, ever since its initial release that shook up the sporting world back in 2000.

However, you’ll also find that they produce a series of sleek, impressive clubs for low handicap players, as well as a couple of options for those in the mid-to-high handicap area.

Pro players that rock a Titleist club include Justin Thomas, Adam Scott and Webb Simpson, all of whom are household names in golf. It isn’t just their balls that are appreciated, as you can see!

Best Brands Of Golf Shoes

Again, giving you an up to date list of the best brands for golf shoes is easy, because the World Golf Awards very conveniently has a category for exactly that in their annual ceremony.

So, who made the list for 2021?

Adidas - It seems this beloved global fashion brand makes specialist shoes for just about every sport, and the quality of their designs for golf is no exception. 

Famous players who wear Adidas shoes on tour include: Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa.

ECCO - With a reputation for being extremely good quality and very durable, ECCO shoes are made by golfers, for golfers - so you can absolutely rely on them.

Famous players who wear Ecco shoes on tour include: Henrik Stenson, Lydia Ko, Fred Couples and Caroline Masson.

FootJoy - Having been making shoes since 1857, you can bet that their patented spikeless shoes are some of the most resilient available.

Famous players who wear FootJoy shoes on tour include: Brendon Dejonge, Jason Dufner, Kris Blank and Jason Bohn.

Nike - another brand making professional footwear for all manner of sports, Nike shoes aren’t just attractive, they’re also hard-wearing and well loved by players.

Famous players who wear Nike shoes on tour include: Rory McIlroy, Viktor Hovland, Brooks Koepka and Tony Finau.

PUMA - although they’ve only been making golf shoes since 2010, Puma have still managed to make a name for themselves amongst pros and amateurs alike.

Famous players who wear PUMA shoes on tour include: Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson, Jesper Parnevik and Blair O’Neal.

SKECHERS - again, you might associate SKECHERS with their comfy footwear for moms, but they’re actually known for some pretty decent quality golfing shoes too.

Famous players who wear SKECHERS shoes on tour include: Wesley Bryan, Billy Andrade, Russel Knox and Brooke Henderson.

Under Armour - famous for making some truly hardcore athleisure apparel, UA is also well known for producing some great golf kicks.

Famous players who wear Under Armour shoes on tour include:  Jordan Speith, Allison Lee, Hunter Mahan and Matthew Fitzpatrick

Best Brands Of Golf Balls 

Sadly, golf balls aren’t impressive enough to receive their own award category, in spite of being so crucial to the entire game - this could be because a whopping 69% of the players on the PGA tour use Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls.

But everybody likes to have options, right? So we’ll also go through a couple of other ball brands that golfers globally seem to appreciate, most of which you’ll recognize because they featured in the above categories, too! 

Mizuno Golf Europe

Best known for their extravagant forged irons, Mizuno Golf Europe also produces several different golf balls of a high quality, though this as you might expect also comes with a higher than average price tag!

Some of the most popular balls produced by Mizuno are:

  • MP-X
  • RB 566
  • RB Tour 
  • JPX


Another name you’ll likely associate with golf clubs over anything else, Callaway also makes some of the world’s best balls, offering premium quality and top notch performance at a more affordable price.

Some of the most popular balls produced by Callaway are:

  • Chrome Soft / Soft X
  • ERC Soft Triple Track
  • TruVis
  • Supersoft / Supersoft Max


Many players on the PGA and LPGA tour wield TaylorMade clubs, but did you know that a lot of them also favor the balls that they manufacture as well? With various options for players of any skill level, beginners and pros alike can shop here.

Some of the most popular balls produced by TaylorMade are:

  • Soft Response / Tour Response
  • RBZ Soft
  • Kalea
  • TP5 / TP5x

Vice Golf

Founded relatively recently in 2012, Vice Golf made their name by manufacturing premium quality golf balls and selling them online, shipping directly to customers - which saves you plenty of money but still provides you with a premium ball.

Some of the most popular balls produced by Vice Pro are:

  • Pro Plus Ball
  • Pro Soft Ball
  • Tour Ball
  • Drive Ball


The best for last! As mentioned above, Titleist golf balls are amongst the most popular on all of the PGA and LPGA tournaments, as well as in other competitions and tourneys around the world. Any player of any skill level can use them!

Some of the most popular balls produced by Titleist are:

  • Pro V1 / Pro Vx
  • AVX
  • DT TruSoft
  • Velocity Prior Generation

In Summary - Where To Shop For The Best Golf Equipment?

So, to recap, it’s best to pick your golfing equipment based on what the pros use for the most part - when it comes to the brands at least.

Copying the brands that PGA and LPGA or even the European Golf Tour players tend to go for is a surefire way to get yourself a quality product.

However, and do remember this, you need to make sure that the clubs, shoes or balls you opt for are designed for use by players at your level of handicap.

Don’t be cocky either - the more honest you are with yourself about the support you need, the bigger the boost you’ll get from buying good quality equipment.

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