Best 56 Degree Wedges

When it comes to getting your golf ball that crucial hundred yards from the bunker and as near to the hole as possible, then the 56-degree wedge is exactly what you’ll need. This club can take a missed green, allowing you to make a par or a double bogey if you aren’t feeling particularly on your game that day.

Are you struggling to get your golf ball out from a sand trap? Do you need that solid head that will give your ball plenty of loft and weight to get as near to the hole as possible? If so, then a 56-degree wedge is exactly what you need.

The angle on the head of this club is very important for getting the lift exactly right. This is perfect for getting your ball out of a tricky situation such as a sand trap or a bunker. If you have to make a shot that is within 100 yards, then we would recommend using one of these.

There are many different styles of 56-degree wedge that we’ll cover in this article. We’ll be seeing some with a conventional blade design and some that look just like your traditional iron. This is meant to replicate the feeling of some of your favorite clubs and get you out of a tricky situation.

Some of these wedges are great for mid-level and high handicappers. If you want that added control over your swing, then having a club with a sharp angle and a light head will be perfect. This will also give you everything that you need for a sharp and tight arc against hard wind conditions.

So where can you find the best 56-degree wedges? What features and design does your golf wedge need to have to give you that perfect angle on your golf ball’s trajectory? How much can you be looking to spend on your degree wedge?

Well, golfing aficionados the world over won’t have to worry for much longer, as we have compiled an in-depth list of some of the best 56-degree wedges that money can buy. We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you to determine the good wedges from the bad, along with a list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully allay some of your golfing anxieties.


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This first wedge has been manufactured by the very well renowned company Titleist, which often crop up in the list of top golf accessory manufacturers. This club is favored by a lot of golf enthusiasts of many different skill sets, including high handicappers who want that extra handling when it comes to their ball loft - introducing the Titleist Golf Wedge Men’s.

This golf ball will give you the perfect spin on your ball, which is great for getting it out of the rough or the bunker and onto the green for those putting shots. You can get a high or low bounce on the ball with this club, making it a must-have for precision shots.

This has a spin mill design, which means that you can lift it high in the air, perfect for those high and short shots. It has a very low center of gravity in the head, meaning that you can grind the ball on the edge to get that additional spin. This comes at a great price, making it a great club to use for first-time players who might be on a budget.


  • This is one of the best 56-degree wedges on the market, not only does it make for great handling, but it will give you that decisive click on your shot, even when you are trapped in the bunker.
  • The head has a very low center of gravity, which is great for those low-to-the-ground shots that are great for getting you out of a bad situation.
  • The price - this has a great price tag considering the range of features that it has. This is a great golf club for those first-time golfers who might be a little restricted in terms of budget.
  • This can be used by both low, mid and high handicappers. We would recommend that you use this club if you are first stepping out on the green.
  • This is great for using if you are a professional golfer out on tour - the shots that it gives you are consistent and reliable.


  • This club does not give you much forgiveness, in that there will not be a lot of rebound in the clubhead when you hit the ball. This might result in a very stiff shot.


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This next golf wedge is again manufactured by a very effective golf accessory manufacturer. This wedge will come top of many lists, available in many finishes that will give you a different style of hit depending on what you need from your game - introducing the Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge.

In golf, look is as important as feel, so having the capacity to change the finishing on your golf club will be super important for getting that right hit and distance. This club head has very deep-set teeth, so you can be sure of that firm and decisive stroke with every hit.

You can get a great deal of backspin on your golf ball, with a high forgiveness rate that gives you that great follow-through. Getting a decent backspin will also be very important for improving your game. These types of shots are best for short-range green hits, getting you out of a tricky bunker situation.


  • These have tour-level grooves in the head, giving you a decent backspin. This is great for shots that go high yet short, perfect for covering those hundred-yard distances.
  • This club is one of the most versatile on this list, giving you everything that you’ll need for all types of shot in all different weathers.
  • This has a finish that will last you for a long time - this club is resistant to both rain and intense sun, both of which can really damage the state of your club over time.
  • This has been rated the best wedge for mid-handicappers. It has certain design features such as grooves in the head that will improve your backspin and give you more confidence when approaching the green.
  • This golf club gives you great bounce, which is important when getting the ball to stop just before the hole.


  • The price - this might be too expensive for those just embarking on the game. This is because of the sheer range of features that this club has to offer.


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Next up is a club from Callaway, a titan amongst the golf club manufacturing world. This is one of the best playing wedges for rough weather conditions, with a decent center of gravity in the head and great responsiveness in the grip. This club will get you out of the rough nine times out of ten - Introducing the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge.

This wedge comes with four different sole grinds in the head, giving you everything that you need for multiple playing conditions. This comes made with soft carbon steel manufacturing, which makes it one of the most durable clubs on this list. The carbon will severely reduce rust and other harmful elements.

This club performs very low to the ground, which is perfect for retrieving your ball from sand traps. It can also be a great club for use on the green too, giving you ideal interaction with grassy surfaces. You can also get this club in smooth platinum chrome, which will also be very weather-resistant and stable.


  • The technology used in the head and the handle, with grooves and a solid chrome or carbon steel build, gives you everything you need for a confident and decisive strike.
  • This has wonderful responsiveness, allowing you to follow-through with those chip shots that will get you up on the green from the sand trap.
  • The grooves in the head promote backspin, which is often necessary to get your ball into a better position in relation to the hole on the green.
  • You can get plenty of great angles on this wedge, the versatility on this club is second-to-none. You can use it to get from the fairway to the green or even as a mid-range chipper from the edge of the green.
  • This is a great wedge to get you out of a tricky situation in the rough. A lot of mid and high handicappers have complemented this wedge on its durability and reliable shot.


  • This might be a little beyond the comprehension of some low handicappers who might not have developed the skillset needed to handle a club containing such a high level of technology.


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This next club comes with a high bouncing angle, with great forgiveness in the handle and a pretty decent spin. These are some of the best ingredients for a decent chipping wedge. These attributes will be everything you need to get you out of the sand trap and onto the green - introducing the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge.

This club has a steel shaft that you’ll be able to perfectly utilize to that amazing high and shallow shot to get you from the fairway and onto the green. A lot of pro players have opted to use this as their main wedge for approaches to the green. You can have the option of a high, medium or low-level bounce.

This is a great supplementary wedge for any golfer who currently only has a pitching wedge in their arsenal. This will give you the height and the trajectory that you need for getting as near to the hole as possible. The best attribute that this golf club has is the price, you can get a few of the clubs for the price of one expensive sand wedge.


  • The price - for the sheer range of options that you have with this wedge, it comes at an amazingly low price tag. You can be sure of reliable performance and hitting quality for the price of a wedge that is usually only half as good.
  • Great hitting - with a narrow toe in the head, you can have plenty of forgiveness, allowing you to drive the ball high into the air. This is one of the best clubs for lobbing, getting you out of the rough and onto the green.
  • This has a great shape in the head, with a multi-textured design that allows you to get many hits from one single club.
  • This comes with an amazing U-technology that allows greater cupping of the ball, which is perfect for lifting it high in the air, getting it out of any sand trap or bunker.
  • The steel shaft of this club makes for greater resistance against wind and rain challenges. You can be sure that this club won’t have any rust or other damage from adverse weather conditions.


  • This does not come in loft or spin varieties, so you’ll be certain that there will be very little capability when it comes to denser rough terrain.


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Finally, we end with another great wedge from one of the best manufacturers of golf equipment - Cleveland. There are numerous wedges that Cleveland makes that will be perfect for upping your gold game, with clubs that have many degrees of faces. It comes with a hollow cavity wedge that will distribute the weight of the ball more evenly - introducing the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge.

This ball is great when it comes to getting a stuck ball from out of a bunker. There are numerous different shapes to the CB X club, each one giving you a different angle of loft. This can give you greater bounce and grind, depending on the type of lift that you want your club to provide.

This club has a hollow cavity design in the head that will allow for a greater distribution of weight as you strike the ball. This is ideal if you want to keep your shots straight and avoid any mis-hits. It also has a rote face that will help you to thwack the ball out of the scrub and onto the green.


  • This is a great club for use by mid and high level handicappers - This golf club has been a tour favorite of many of the pros currently on tour. We would certainly recommend it as a transitional club.
  • The feel - this club is one of the best grips on this list, giving you everything that you need for that confident and decisive hit onto the green.
  • Improves your handicap - one you start getting used to this club, you’ll see it actually improve your handicap over the course of a few games. A lot of mid handicappers have used this to narrow the gap between mid and high handicaps.
  • The flat face improves the level of straight shots - this head comes with a low center of gravity that will enable you to chip your ball up and out of any rough.
  • This wedge has a great address, so you can be sure of a solid hit on the face of your club, which is necessary for chipping onto the green and getting as close to the hole as possible.


  • This might be too difficult to handle for someone with a low handicap, coupled with the price, it might be worth waiting until your game improves before splashing out on this club.

Best 56 Degree Wedges Buying Guide

There are a few things that you’ll need to be watching out for when it comes to your 56 degrees wedge. Most golf wedges will give you some basic features that define it as a club. Here are one or two common issues that golfers have raised regarding this wedge style:

A Blade or Cavity Back Style Wedge?

The cavity style wedge is much more forgiving than the blade style, made as they are to give the player far fewer mis-hits on their chip shots. If you prefer a fuller swing, then we would probably recommend that you go for a blade-style wedge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Shaft For My Wedge?

If you are looking for a club to get you out of a bunker, we would recommend one that has wedge flex in the shaft. This means that you have some degree of flexibility, allowing you a more fluid swing, especially out of bunkers.

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