Average Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs

If you’ve noticed that your grips on your golf clubs have started cracking, falling down, or just don’t feel very secure or comfortable when holding them, then it’s probably time to consider regripping your clubs. 

If you’re a keen golfer, then your golf grips wearing out over time is inevitable even if you take all the precautions to make them last as long as possible. The good news is that you only need to replace the gripping on them and not the entire golf club itself, which will save you a whole load of money. 

If you’ve been putting the task of getting your golf clubs regripped for a while now, then maybe this article will help you to think differently as it could be affecting your game.

We’ll be guiding you through the average cost to regrip your club clubs, when is the best time to get them done, and also where to take your golf clubs to get regripped. 

Average Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs

Why Should You Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

The grip on your golf clubs is the only part of the club that you’ll touch and if you golf once or twice a week then eventually these grips will start to wear down and start looking quite shabby.

Not only will they look a bit worse for wear, but if you don’t wear gloves when you’re golfing then the deteriorated material of the grips can irritate your hands and cause them to be sore for days. 

Fresh or good condition gripping on your club will allow you to lightly hold the grip without having to worry that the club is going to swing through or fall out of your hands, allowing you to have a more natural stance when you’re swinging and providing a more fluid wrist action without any tension. 

If you’re new to golfing then having high-quality new grips will be essential to improving your confidence out on the course, knowing that you’ve got a firm grip on your club and it’s not going to slip through whilst you swing is reassuring especially when you’re golfing amongst more experienced friends. 

You may have even started feeling some vibrations when hitting your shots, which may not bother some people, but when this starts occurring you should at least consider looking to replace them.

When your grips start to wear down, the club will feel different in your hand and the cracking or peel of the grips may end up leaving material residue on your palms, especially if you’re golfing in the heat.  

Even if you’re not a frequent golfer, elements like heat, dirt, rain, and the oil from your hands can cause the materials of the grip to naturally degrade over time. 

Some grips on golf clubs come with outlines that help with alignment which helps the player know where to hold the clubs, this is especially handy for beginners who are still finding their feet with the feel of holding a club. 

How Often Should You Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

How often you should regrip your golf clubs will depend on how frequently you play and how well you maintain the grips to keep the material in as good condition as possible.

However, even the most frequent maintenance and care cannot prevent some grips from falling apart quickly, especially if you’re out on the course more than twice a week.

You’ll know when to replace the grip on your golf clubs when the material starts to peel away, it becomes hard or the club is slipping through your hands when you’re trying to swing.

Most golfers recommend people to get their grips redone on their golf clubs at least every 40 rounds that they play.

For some golfers, this may only be once a year but for those who only take their clubs out on the course once or twice a year, then the gripping could last for a decade before it starts to deteriorate. 

The heat from the outside temperature and your hands along with dirt, water, and oils will contribute to the breaking down of the gripping materials.

Even if you don’t play that often and your clubs are stored in a warm, damp basement, then you could easily see some deterioration next time you pick up your clubs to play.

If you’ve got low-quality grips on your clubs then you’ll probably find you’ll need to replace them more frequently. If you’ll only be going out on the course about 2 times a month, then your current grips on your clubs could see you through the next two years without needing replacing. 

Most regular golfers like to get their clubs regripped as the spring weather starts to approach as this is when golf season begins and you’ll be ready to head out as soon as the weather’s fine and dry. 

Where Should I Take My Golf Clubs To Get Regripped?

Most people will take their golf clubs to be regripped at a local golf club or golf shop. They’ll be able to fit the new grip properly to the club and they’ll come back looking brand new again.

The process can only take a few hours sometimes, so you could have them regripped and returned within the day. 

If you’re going to get all of your golf clubs regripped then this process could take a while longer and you may have to come to collect them in a few days. 

Most people prefer to take their golf clubs to be regripped by professionals because they know they’ll do the job properly and they’ll look and feel just like brand new again.

It’s a more efficient and stress-free way of getting all the grips done on all your clubs so you can head straight back out there on the course.

However, you can regrip your golf clubs by yourself at home, and many people do choose to do this to save themselves some extra money.

Can I Regrip My Own Golf Clubs?

Yes, as we’ve just previously mentioned, you can regrip your own golf clubs if you want to. If you’ve never done this process before then you may find it quite confusing and it may take some trial and error before you get it right. 

If you want to DIY regrip your golf clubs, then you’ll need the following:

  • New grips
  • A sharp blade
  • A solvent or adhesive 
  • Grip tape

You’ll need to make sure you remove all of the existing grip and the adhesive off your clubs first and then clean and prep the surface ready to apply a fresh layer of adhesive to stick down your new grips.

Once you’ve managed to secure your grip tape and grips into place, you’ll want to leave everything to dry for several hours before handling it. 

If you’d like some visual step-by-step help, then this video is excellent and will be able to guide you through each stage of regripping your golf clubs.

What Is The Average Cost Of Regripping Your Golf Clubs?

So, we’ve reached the ultimate question, how much does it cost to regrip your golf clubs? 

Well despite being a lucrative sport that can be expensive to have as a hobby, getting your golf clubs regripped only costs an average of $10 per club, so you could be looking at paying around $120-$130 to get your entire set of clubs regripped.

However, this price is not standard everywhere and can vary from each golf shop and can also depend on varying factors.

The main cost of getting your grips redone will be spent on paying for the grips themselves, some of which can be fairly affordable, however, if you’re a frequent golfer you’ll want to make sure you get the highest quality grips possible.

High-quality grips will prevent you from having to regularly visit the golf shop to get everything replaced more often than you would with low-quality grips.

We wouldn’t recommend buying cheap grips as this will just prove inconvenient as they’ll deteriorate quicker and they’ll soon need replacing again in no time. 

If you’re unsure of what grips to get, then the professionals at the golf shop will advise you with what would be best for your sized hands, ask you what feel you like them to have, and also how durable you want the material to be.

Regardless of if you’re a seasoned golfer or just beginning, browsing and trialing various grips is important to find one that feels just right in your hands, so you can ultimately play the best game you can.

Some of the best grips that we recommend are:

  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet

This is the most popular grip on the PGA tour and if you'd consider yourself a pro on the golfing scene, then this will be the grips to go for.

The classic design is a blend of rubber with a non-slip surface that has been designed on a computer to ensure ultimate comfort and consistent performance. 

Some of our other favorite grips are as follows:

  • Golf Pride ZGRIP Align
  • Winn Dri-Tac
  • Lamkin Crossline

Labor will also be a contributor to this cost. Most golf shops won’t charge over the top for a regripping job as it’ll only take a few hours to do the entire set by professionals.

However, if you’re going to take your golf clubs to be regripped at a private golf club then you could be paying more than the average cost.

If you’re planning to DIY your grips on your golf clubs, then the initial cost of the materials to do the job may be higher than the cost of paying a professional to do it.

However, once you have materials like adhesives, blades, and grip tape, you won’t have to buy them in the future when you need to regrip them again. 

How Can I Make My Grips Last Longer?

If you hate forking out for the cost of getting your golf clubs regripped, then there are precautions you can take to extend the lifespan of your grips.  

You should try to clean your grips on your clubs every time you return from a game with a mild cleaning detergent and a non-abrasive cloth or brush.

You’ll need to make sure you rinse the grips afterward to make sure no cleaning detergent residue is remaining that could lead to the deterioration of the material. 

Try and keep your golf clubs stored inside in a cool and dry environment. Warm and damp weather can lead to the materials and the adhesive of the grips breaking down prematurely so try keeping them in a cool cupboard where the temperature won’t get too high or too low.

Make sure you have a golf bag to keep your clubs stored to protect them from dust. 

In general, it is difficult to prolong the need to regrip your golf clubs as elements like oil, dirt, heat and the UV rays will wear down the material and cause it to come loose from the club.


So there you have it, you know it’ll only cost you around $10 to regrip each golf club you have, so in total it’ll cost you around $130 to grip your set of clubs or less if you only have certain clubs. 

Whilst this cost may seem high, even the most frequent golfers will only need to get their clubs regripped once a year, so if you are not a regular golfer then this cost will only come around once every few years.

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